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File: Concquest-r
Author: Bagpuss
Downloads: 537
Description: Concquest-r
Size: 2.5MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
August 11th, 2001
Title : Concquest-r - A concmap for TFC :E (Revised edition)
Filename :
Author : Jon Chapman aka 'Bagpuss' or 'Merkaba'

**If the fog on the later jumps is lagging you, please see the end of this file**

Email Address : [email protected]
Homepage : N/A (Kind of
Description : Concmap. An underground research group have sent you as part of a specialist team to locate the whereabouts of a dimensional portal in this area. Once found, entering the portal will result in your teleportation back to base due to a deveice in your backpack, and 64 points added to your score :) (Debriefing is actually in level too)
Things fixed since original: Lots and lots of little things.
* Play Information *

Teamfortress : Yes
Number of Teams : 4 - Red & Blue Are directed to an enclosed DM area. Green and Yellow are the concing team.
Recommended # of Players : around 8 or a few more

* Construction *

Based on : Some place rocky. My weird imagination.
Editor used : Worldcraft v. 3.3
Known Bugs : I'm not convinced that the "Ed Alloc: No free edicts" bug has gone, and this is a result of low memory on your PC. try freeing up some memory if you get this problem.
If you use the fix for the fog you'll probably get a load of 'bad sprite' junk in the console. I dont know what causes this because I'm no good with making sprites, but it doesnt seem to cause any harm and I dont know how to fix it.
Build Time : Ages.

Compile machine : Atholon 1.2 Ghz 256 Mbs of RAM, runnign in HIHG priority mode (ie 100% CPU power)
Compile time : 30 mins
Textures : Mostly my own. Same boring grey rock texture all the way through :)
Sounds : Credit goes to Tool for the sound files mantra.wav and 46&2.wav.
Both are clips from songs of the same name.


Unpack the .zip file into your Halflife directory.
Example : c:/games/halflife/


Teams 1 and 2:

Sent to a DM area, where you can DM your heart out. There are two 'levels'...the pack in the middle gives you ammo, the ones on the 2nd level at the side give you ammo, a bit of health and armour, and a few grenades.

Teams 3 an 4:

Conc. I'd set the skill level of this map at intermediate to hard.
You may also spectate the DM area whilst you are still in the start base.

It is possible to turn off the fog in the game.

Rename the file cq_xsmoke1.spr in tfc/sprites/concquest/ to something like cq_xsmoke1.sp!
Now rename cq_blank.spr to cq_xsmoke1.spr . All the fog and waterfall sprites should now be gone. Note that the map
is still quite detailed, you may still experience some slowdown.

This is a detailed map so low-end PC users may suffer. If thats the case...tough. You can play the other concmaps instead :)

This information is also in sprites/concquest/remove_smoke.txt

- All testers. Most of your names are in the map (Sorry if I missed some but I have a bad memory :E )
- TPC for their server and being a general all round top notch buncha guys
- (pimp4ge)
- Maker of Terragen
- Tool for the wav files
- My tree in the back garden for providing an excellent rock texture ^_^
- #tfc.mappers

Authors may NOT use this map as a base to build additional maps without consulting me on the matter first. It may not be added to a part of a compliation of maps without my consent.

For general information about the map, please mail me.

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