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File: Desert Run
Author: RazorCow
Downloads: 456
Description: Desert Run
Size: 1MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:

Map titel: Desert Run
Files included in file: desertrun.txt, desertrun_info, desertrun.bsp

Author: Henrik Ă–lander Aka RazorCow
Mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
Homepage: none yet.. I'll make one as soon as I learn HTML 'n all that shit ;)
ICQ#: 47753814

Map description: Team Fortress Classic, Capture the flag variant.

Map version: This is the Final version of Desert Run, there will be no more versions.


Map goals:

Steal the enemy's flag that resides in their basement,
run through the desert (don't forget to bring water though, you might get
dehydrated) and capture it in your capture-room in the upper level of the base.


Build programs: Worldcraft 3.3

Build time: I began working on it about a year ago.. and since then I've worked in periods... with long, long, long breaks in between them.

Compile Programs/tools: The Hlcc compiler with zhlt compile tools.

Known bugs:

Since this is the final version there are no bugs :). If you find any bugs I've probably intended them to be there, so please don't mail to me and complain about them etc.

Other stuff...:

Recomended amount of players: 10-12

Compilation machine: My old pII 300 with 194 mb ram

Build machine: pIII 733 with 128 mb ram. I didn't use this as the compiler, since it just locked totally when I tried to compile it.

Compile times:

hlcsg: 484.50 seconds
hlbsp: 143.13 seconds
hlvis: 2103.21 seconds
hlrad: 3016.01 seconds

The interior of this map may not be used in other maps,
but authors may use the ideas from this map under the circomstances
that they ask me or that they give me a certain amount of credit for it
(It's not sure I will accept the first one /me wants credits :)

You may distribute this map on CD:s and other information-media as long as it
has it's original name (desertrun.bsp) on the .bsp-mapfile.

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