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File: Fatty's Run
Author: Steve Case
Downloads: 418
Description: Fatty's Run
Size: 73KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Fatty's Run
Object: Kill the fast fatass
Points: 1 point for killing fatty
50 points if you get across to portal

Designed by: [Sweep]Steve Case
I need your feedback..
ICQ: 114218225

Special Note: I put a corner crate where the fatty spawns
so you cheaters can't cheat by standing and shooting the fatty
when he respawns. (I know this cause I like to snipe to)

Note: This is my first map.

Special Thanks: Goes to [Sweep]Mikail Ian Leduaur
He helped test it and fix a few bugs. Thanks!

Copyright©2001 [Sweep]Steve Case
If you use any of this map prepare to be sued!(you think im kidding?)

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