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File: HLFort
Author: Dale Broadbent
Downloads: 649
Description: HLFort
Size: 3.6MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
By Dale Broadbent
[email protected]
a reflection on 2fort4 for Quakeworld.


1. Build information
3. Acknowledgements
4. Installation notes

Classic capture the flag for Half Life Team Fortress Classic

filename: hlfort18.bsp

Build time: Approximately 3 months

Build Computer:
AMD Duron 650Mhz, 300MB PC100 ram, KT7-RAID motherboard running a striped RAID array of 2 20GB hard drives on Windows ME

Final Compile time:
csg: 4min
bsp: 1.5min
vis: 7min
rad: 4hrs 45min

hlrad settings:
-high -estimate -bounce 5 -gamma 1.3 -extra -smooth 80 -chart -dscale 1

# texures used: 59 (some orginally from 4 custom wad files)

This level and its contents are the creative property of Dale Broadbent, except where noted in the acknowledgements. Dale welcomes all comments, bug reports, and job offers via the email address noted above.


I have a more complete list on the web site I am creating. But I wanted to acknowledge Rewolf Software at for their contribution in my level design skills. Also, I used some textures, models, sprites, sounds, and a set of environment maps from their recently-released game, Gunman Chronicles in this level.

REPDOOR.MDL has been also used in this level. It is contributed by Michael Devin, a really cool guy whose ideas helped me get this map done. He actually encouraged me to use his ideas and offered to send me the original rmf file.

[email protected] contributed a ladder (yes, a ladder, and a very nice one at that!)

aXon and Superdude at, and Gonnas and all the others at the Valve ERC forums have helped me tremendously. I am very grateful for all their help and answers to my millions of questions.

Karl Jones - responded to email questions and keeps up an AWESOME Half Life editing site that is my home start page in IE.

All of my playtesters and friends who helped me find problems with the map, especially my best friend Eric who loves to kill me while playing as a hwguy.

If I think of any others I'll update this file then. If I forgot you, it was unintentional. Email me and I'll fix the oversight.

Notes on install:

Unzip all the files into your \half life directory, making absolutely sure that the box "use folder names" is checked in winzip.

In a multiplayer on-line game, just connect to the server that is running my map. For individual use, just type in the console "map hlfort18".

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