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File: Get Bob!
Author: [JFF]Singlecoil
Downloads: 467
Description: Get Bob!
Size: 2MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Hidden somewhere in the mountains of North America lies the oracle known as "THE SERVER".
The server has come under attack by foul-mouthed, respawn spamming newbies and llamas. Bob, the
mysterious, higher power of the oracle, has become separated from the control room which houses the server. Your job, as an administrator of the server, is to escort Bob back to the server...
The door to the control room that houses the server must be opened by a switch that is located at the top of the building with the elevator. There are several ways to get there including wind tunnels and the elevator.
The newbies and llamas (yellow and green teams) objective is to get Bob (snipe him).
Bob can close the doors on the tram thus giving himself a safety zone in which to wait for the control door to open.

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