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File: Hazard Course Game II
Author: Bluestrike McQueen
Downloads: 454
Description: Hazard Course Game II
Size: 997KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Hazard Course Game II By Bluestrike McQueen (build40)

Play as the blue or red team (shrimpers) and try to capture the flags.
Both teams have a little base and a capture point, but the flag's are
on a third location.
To get there you have to pass some easy traps (but not so easy when
the other team shoots you) and bring it back to youre team's capture

The flag with the yellow glow is worth 25! team points.
The flag with the green glow is worth 10 team points.

You can't play as scout or sniper.
If you pick up a flag when you already have a flag the flag you
where holding goes back to the flagroom.

The flame trap is from a oposing force level (and so is the sprite)
I hope they don't mind :)

Bluestrike McQueen.

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