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File: Heavy Artillery
Author: PsychoDude
Downloads: 427
Description: Heavy Artillery
Size: 308KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Name: Heavy Artillery
Filename: HeavyArtillery.bsp
Finished: 3/5/99
Author: PsychoDude
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: (But heavily under construction)

# of Players: 8-32 (if you can get 32 people without ridiculous lag,
you probably have a T1000 connection :) )
Settings: Definitely set teamplay on. Also, it has more strategical
possibilities if you set WeaponsStay to 'on'.

Description: Teamplay "Capture & Hold" type map. Intended for two teams.
See below for more info.

This is my first finished level, but don't worry -- it's
not my first attempted level.

Thanks To: Valve --
for a great game
PHL, Radium, Wavelength, Rust, etc., --
for great editing/mapping resources

Base: Scratch
Prefabs Used: None. All guns were made by me.
Programs Used: Worldcraft 2.0

Single-Player: No
Deathmatch: You can try, but it sucks.
Teamplay: Yes! It's great teamplay.
New anything: No (except the BSP of course)

Construction Time: About two weeks.
QCsg Time: 12 seconds
QBsp2 Time: 12 seconds
QRad Time: 1235 seconds
Vis Time: 69 seconds

-------------------- USEFUL INFORMATION: -----------------------------------

STARTING: You'll always respawn in the same isolated room. To warp to
the blue base, walk to the blue laser beam. To warp to the
red base, walk to the red laser beam. That should be pretty
obvious since there's nothing else in the room, and there's
the brightly lit "TELEPORT" signs.

GENERAL: The best way to invade the red or blue bases if they're
occupied by the enemy is through the canyon walls. The
mounted machine guns can't reach the entrances, so you
can sneak up on whoever's controlling them.

Another option is to use the machine gun turrets. Each of
the red base's machine guns are in range of all of the
blue base's guns, and vice versa.

MORTAR GUN: The massive mortar gun has an 8-second fire delay. When
it's ready to fire, the light inside is red. After it
fires, the light turns green for 4 seconds, then yellow
for another 4 seconds, then it turns red and the gun is
ready to fire.

BOMB: The bomb is in the main bunker as is the mortar gun. Take
the two elevators in the bunker to get to the deployment
room. There's a switch in front of a red/blue rectangle.
To target the red base, make sure it's pointed to the red
rectangle. To target the blue base, make sure it's pointed
to the blue rectangle. Then press the lever to call the bomb.
It will be visible in the sky after 9 seconds. The bomb can
be called again 2 1/2 minutes later. To get down from the
room, press the elevator button in the corner that is
probably behind you.

NERVE GAS TRAP: Across from the lower elevator in the main bunker is a round
red button. When you push it, you'll here a hissing sound.
The nerve gas vents upstairs have turned on. Anyone upstairs
will get killed unless they immediately take the elevator back
down. To turn off the trap, press the button again.

---------------- PROBLEMS --------------------------------------------

TELEPORTS: In the beta-testing I've done, occasionally someone
would join who didn't understand the lasers were
teleports. This is despite the big "TELEPORT" sign over
them. It seems pretty obvious to me that they are. Am I
crazy, or are they?

Also, you'll respawn a bit above the ground. This is so
you don't respawn where someone already is. You'll only
fall on top of them, and neither of you will get hurt.

R_SPEEDS: You'll see r_speeds creep up to the 1000s when you can see
both the red and blue bases, like when you're looking out
the mortar gun's window. Sometimes it gets so high it
generates a "lost surfaces" error, but not often, and you
won't notice anything not getting drawn.

However, I had a friend with a laughable 33.6 modem host the
game so I can experience lag on it firsthand. I had a ping
of 400+ in that game, but moving around was easy, and it
wasn't too difficult scoring frags.

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