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File: koth2sc
Author: the chosen one
Downloads: 415
Description: koth2sc
Size: 167KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
go to the holodeck and take control over the highest
2 teams can score at once. so be careful
red and blue can't score at once and
yellow and green can't score at once but
red and yellow or green and blue can score at the same
time ect...
so have fun and there is a sniper place just for snipers
there is a danger sign that signifies the sniper place
and with that have fun.
I have made this map in about 10-20 hours and i don't think
there are any bugs in it.
You can make copies and distribute this map to any one as
long as you leave this text file with the ww3v5.bsp file
but as long as you have fun this is what the map is about
no hard to get flags. Just a deathmatch game with a king of
the hill attachment.
Auth. the chosen one
Computer put it together myself
geforce 2 mx, 800 mhz amd athlon,
3-4 min. to compile.

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