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File: legion2fort
Author: Troubled_Guy
Downloads: 567
Description: legion2fort
Size: 3.8MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Author's Notes - legion2fort


coliseum - sky gfx file. this goes in the tfc/gfx/env folder
13thlegion.wad - texture file. this goes in the valve folder
rocks.wad - texture file. this goes in the valve folder
legion2fort.bsp - map file. this goes in the tfc/maps folder
legion2fort.txt - map text description file. this also goes in the tfc/maps folder
readme.txt - this file. this goes wherever


The archive should place all the files into their proper directories and will create
new ones if none exist. Consult the files section of this readme if any problems develop.

Map Info

Name legion2fort
Author Troubled guy
New Map Yes
New Textures Yes-rocks.wad, 13thlegion.wad, and coliseum sky gfx
New Sounds No
Textures used halflife.wad, xeno.wad, liquids.wad, tfc.wad, tfc2.wad, rocks.wad
Base New Level From Scratch
Design 1 week
Tools Used Worldcraft 3.3, Texture SDK
Computer Athlon 1033 with 256 Mbs of RAM
Compiling CSG 3 min 33 secs
BSP 1 min 33 secs
VIS 6 hrs 1 mins 42 secs
RAD 23 mins 48 secs


There may be some leaf saw into leaf errors, but there should be nothing major
Any bug reports can be made to [email protected]


This map may only be distributed on the internet for free. This map may not be put
on a CD or any other storage medium for the purpose of profit without the express
written permission of the author. This map may not be modified in any way shape or
form without permission from the author. All files accompanying the map must remain
with map and the map may not be distributed without them.


The custom textures/graphics/sounds are the
property of their respective authors and ARE NOT to be
used in any other add-ons levels/paks/etc. without
written permission from the appropriate author.

Special Thanks

13th legion clan
Mojo's XIII server for testing
Evile Dick for use of his rocks.wad
All playtesters
Emerald of the 13th legion for his support

this map is (C) 2001 TRoubled_Guy

Halflife and TFC are (C) of Valve and Sierra

Thank you for playing my map =)

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