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File: Maze of Doom 1 - Deathmatch
Author: User Err0r
Downloads: 426
Description: Maze of Doom 1 - Deathmatch
Size: 332KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Maze of Doom 1 - Deathmatch
By Donald "User Err0r" Gollwitzer

Objective: Kill the enemies.

Scoring: 1 frag per kill.

Other Notes: Each team has two barracks of their own.
There are also four turret bunkers on the sides, and a
sniper bunker in the center. Use these if you need to.

Warning: There is a somewhat large area above the maze
that allows players to jump over the hedges if needed.
It is not recommended that players, such as those with
slower machines, walk around on these hedges. Doing so
may result in choppyness. You have been warned.

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