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File: mud_pit
Author: MuDvAyNe
Downloads: 412
Description: mud_pit
Size: 358KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
by [CLaNh8rs]MuDvAyNe


It's important that you follow these instructions, it seems to be the fail-safe way to installing a map.

DRAG & DROP "mud_pit.bsp, mud_pit.res, mud_pit.txt and README.txt in your" Half-Life/tfc/maps folder. DRAG & DROP "mud.wad" in your Half-Life/tfc folder. If you extract the files, most likely winzip will create another folder for the files, and we don't want that. Please just DRAG & DROP the files into the folder.


This level may be distributed via any medium as long as it maintains the name mud_pit.bsp and is supplied in a zip file called and contains no other files.
I take no responsiblity for any damage caused by these files. Use at your own risk.


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