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File: No Mans Land 2
Author: UncleBRUCE
Downloads: 755
Description: No Mans Land 2
Size: 2MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
No Mans Land 2 - Village of the damned

Bridge demolition hunted style map
By UncleBRUCE. 10th August 1999

v 1.0 (final)

** General information**
Title : No Mans Land 2 - Village of the damned
Filename : nml2.bsp, nml2.txt, nml2read.txt, nmlwad.wad, nmlsign.wad
Author : Keith Schoen (UncleBRUCE)
Email : [email protected]
Web Site :
Description : Team Fortress Classic, Bridge demolition hunted style map set in an old, wartorn village (reminiscent of Saving Private Ryan).

Other maps by this author : No Mans Land

Number of Teams : 3
Recommended # of Players: 12 - 20

** Map information **
New Textures : yep, quite a few (borrowed from a game called Kingpin)
Added some custom textures for the signs
New Sounds : none
Editor used : Worldcraft 2.1
Build time : 1.5 months (on and off)
Compile Machine : P2-450, 128 Megs RAM, 5GB Free hard disk space
Compile time : Bloody ages >:(

** Installation **

Extract the zip into your "Half-Life\tfc\" directory and the files should be
automatically placed into the correct directories.

Please ensure that if your zip program supports sub-directories, the sub-directories feature is enabled. If it does not, then extract the included files in to the following directories:

nml2.bsp - half-life\tfc\maps
nml2.txt - half-life\tfc\maps
nml2read - half-life\tfc
nmlwad - half-life\tfc
nmlsign - half-life\tfc

If this does not work, e-mail me at the address above.

** Team information **

Blue team (limit 1) - Demoman
Red team (no limit) - HWGuys, Soldiers, Medics, Pyros
Yellow team (no limit) - Snipers, Medics, HWGuys, Soldiers, Spies
Green team (limit 1) - Scout

** Game Rules **

The red escort team must escort the demolitions man to the bridge. The demolitions man must then destroy the bridge with a detpack.

The yellow team must eliminate the demolitions man before he reaches the bridge and places his detpack. The green team can be used to diffuse any detpacks that have been set.

The blue and red team are kept at their respawn areas for fifteen seconds by physical barriers.

** Additional information **

This is the sequel to my previous map No Mans Land. To date the original No Mans Land has quite a following, and I was chuffed to see that it had recently reached the no. 1 spot in RadiumTFC's top ten listings. I would expect that anyone who enjoyed the first map, will also enjoy this one. I have tried to create an even more realistic war athmosphere, and have been able to create a much greater feeling of depth than in the first.
Although the map has a similar athmosphere to the original NML, the storyline and gameplay are quite different, as you shall find out. The map was built to resemble an old wartorn village back around the time of the second world war, and much of it was based on the movie Saving Private Ryan. The goal is to destroy / defend a bridge, and therefore it much more closely resembles a hunted style map rather than a 2fort map like the original NML. I should think therefore that any dedicated hunted fans will also like this one, and I hope you will not be dissapointed :)

The demolitions man respawn area was set far away from the escort teams respawn area, so that an extra element of challenge is added. It is quite possible for the escort team to reach the demolitions man before the bridge defence team, even if the demolitions man stays still. But the demolitions man should be wary of enemy snipers that can take him out from a distance.

Once the demoman reaches the bridge, the escort team should attempt to surround him, so that enemy fire cannot easily reach the demoman. The demoman should also be wary that it takes a few seconds to lay the detpack, and this will be an opportune moment for enemy snipers to dispose of him. For a more stealthy approach, you should take the maintenance access to the bridge, and set the detpack underneath the bridge.

After much playtesting, it was decided that a one man 'bomb disposal squad' should be added, hence the arrival of the green scout. This is a role i personally enjoy playing very much, and acts as a kind of 'get out of jail free card' for the yellows. The scout can diffuse detpacks by walking over them, a feature which isn't utilised much in most other TFC maps, but plays a crucial role in this map. The best strategy to utilise whilst playing the scout is to hide away somewhere safe, and then spring into action when you receive the message telling you that 'the demoman is at the bridge'. You will need to use him wisely, as he has only one shot to diffuse the detpack, if he misses and/or dies, it will be too late for him to return to the bridge area in time.

The respawn gates were put in place for several reasons, firstly to slow the pace of the game a little, and also to let the yellow team spread out somewhat, drawing focus away from the bridge area. The delay will also give snipers time to find some sweet spots in the map, many of which are accesible by climbing drainpipes....
I would suggest that once the gates are opened, the escort team heads straight for the demoman and vice versa, or the demoman may find that he has to fight off hordes of bad guys single handedly.

There are seven resupply areas scattered around the map, three of which are available for use by every team. One resupply pack, located in the demomans APC, holds an extra detpack for the demoman if his first detpack is not succesful, or if it is diffused by the green scout. All respawn areas, except for the demolitions man respawn area, are protected by automated defences so respawn camping is not advised.

There is one secret in this map, which shouldn't be too difficult to find. It needs a detpack to be opened, and I promise you, you will be rewarded if you find it :). Shoot me an email if you ever find this secret room...

Have fun!!

UncleBRUCE (Keith Schoen)

** Area names **

There are several area names that you should familiarise yourself with:

GUN EMPLACEMENT - This is the area with the big controllable machine gun
CHURCH - Near the escort teams respawn area
WAREHOUSE - Near the demomans respawn area, this is the big building at the end of the street of houses that looks like a warehouse
GARAGE - This is the building near the church with car and stacked tyres
INDUSTRIAL AREA - The area with the factories and the vent on the floor with steam coming out of it
NORTHERN ENTRANCE - The entrance to the bridge area approaching from the industrial area
SOUTHERN ENTRANCE - The entrance to the bridge area approaching from the crashed tank
CRASHED TANK - The area with the big crahed tank in it... DUH!
SCAFFOLDING - The area with the scaffolding that leads to one of the defence teams respawn rooms
RAMP - The ramp that leads up to the scaffolding area
BRIDGE - The area with the bridge that the demoman must destroy

These are the names that are shown to the escort team by the hunted location trigger, so if you want to be an effective bodyguard, learn those area names!

** Tips & FAQ **

* After the bridge has been blown, the demoman is still vulnerable for a few seconds before everyone respawns. Don't be a dumbass and get taken out just after you've destroyed the bridge, keep moving and dogding those bullets!

* An even more stupid think to do would be to blow yourself up with your own detpack! All you need to do to avoid being blown by a detpack is to put a wall between you and the pack, and there are plenty of walls you can use. If you are setting a detpack under the bridge, then simply go around to the other side of the supporting pillar of the bridge, and you will be out of harms way.

* When playing the demoman, to minimize the risk to yourself, I suggest that you crouch while setting the detpack. This will make you less vulnerable to snipers and other classes. Just remember that you are NOT safe in the water, the shaded area of the river itself presents a perfect opportunity for enemy snipers to hide away.

* You should set your detpack as near to the centre of the bridge (or the supporting pillar if you are underneath it) as possible.

* If you run out of detpacks for some reason, there is a specialised pack back at the demomans respawn area that contains more detpacks.

* If you are playing on the escort team, be on the lookout for the green scout. If you see him approach the demoman, take him out immediately, or the demoman will have to return to his APC to get another detpack.

* If you are playing as the green scout, it is a good idea to hide out of harms way until the demoman arrives at the bridge. You will be automatically notified when this happens. The best places to hide are either the respawn room, or the belltower.

* You cannot carry more than one detpack, so don't be surprised if you run out of detpacks, even if you picked up the detpack resupply pack in your APC

* It is advisable, if you haven't already done so, to bind a key to 'detpack setting'. You wanna be out of there as quickly as possible without having to type the detpack command into the console.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does the belltower have no bell.
A: It fell out.

Q: Why are the ladders and drainpipes so awkward to climb?
A: Good question, unfortunately I have no answer. It has been suggested that a server variable mp_edgefriction may be the culprit. You can attempt to alter this, although I find that a simple duck-jump at the top of the ladder will get you over.

Q: When I try and load your map onto my server, it tells me it can't find some files... what should I do?
A: This is probably because you don't have the full pak0.pak in your valve directory... see below for more information

Q: The green scout just diffused my detpack, do I have to kill myself to get another?
A: No. As mentioned above, there is a detpack resupply pack in your APC.

Q: Is there a way to shorten the delay when you are setting the detpack? It's very dangerous standing in one spot for even a couple of seconds with all those snipers about.
A: No there isn't. Yes I know it's dangerous. You'll just have to live with it. Sorry.

** Note to servers running NML2 **

Please ensure that you have the original pak0.pak file installed on your server, by that I mean the one that came with the original game, not the pak0.pak that is distributed with the hlds software. Problems will occur if this file is not present.

** Special thanks to **

Clan CdG and especially FlatTop for use of their server for playtesting!. Thanks also to [THD]Nemo for letting me know about the server in the first place.
Thanks to all who attended the playtests, and who gave me their feedback and suggestions...


This map is copyright 1999 Keith Schoen.

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH

This BSP may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems.
You are NOT authorized to put this BSP on any CD or distribute it in
any way without my permission.


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