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File: ROMAN Arena
Author: TimoT
Downloads: 432
Description: ROMAN Arena
Size: 467KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Created By: TimoT (aka ~[PheaR]Slayer)
Style: 'DeathMatch/Mulch'

Kill or be killed.

1. Only one player from each team in the
arena at a time.
2. Before each round both players stand
at their front door and jump twice to
signal start of match.
3. All other players must stay in their
base or be locked down by Emperor.
4. Emperor has control of all map functions
a. Lock/Unlock cell doors.
b. Lock/Unlock main gates
c. Open/Close fire pit.
Max Players: 21
10 on each side & 1 Emperor

More maps on the way...

Contact Info:
(C) Tim Hazelton 07/22/2001
E-mail [email protected]
Yahoo slayer987654
ICQ 8046416

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