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File: Runpres
Author: Overlord
Downloads: 408
Description: Runpres
Size: 845KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
28th Sept 1999

Title : Runpres

Filename :

Author : Overlord

Email Address : [email protected]

Page: none

Description : Hunted Map, continuing from the original...
Get to the jet to escape. The escape route
is through the hanger. The assasins have
spies, watch out! I find that the pyro
soon flushes them out though.



Base : From scratch
Editor(s) used : Worldcraft
Build Time : 2-3 weeks
Textures used : halflife.wad et al
bugs: Let me know

Thanks to

Slasher for the APC
Shadowbyte for the F16
Navyfighter for general help and advice, and others on the tfc map forum.
Rik, Mikey, Keith, Paul, Dave, Neil, Gary, Rob, Pete and many others for
helping me playtest this bugger.

Copyright / Permissions

This .map file may be distributed free of charge to anyone, and cannot
be used on any commercial CD or Disk without my permission. I ask that
you credit me in the txt of any map you use it in, and contact me about

© Copyright 1999 Overlord ;-)

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