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File: Soldier Arena - Buzzsaw
Author: Sci-Fi
Downloads: 583
Description: Soldier Arena - Buzzsaw
Size: 222KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Soldier Arena - Buzzsaw

Map Title: Soldier Arena - Buzzsaw
Release Date: April 14th 2002
Filename: sa_buzzsaw.bsp
Filesize: 494kb + included files
Author: Sci-Fi
Other maps I've made: sa_volcano, sa_rusted, sa_shaft, conc_fate
EMail: alie[email protected]

Construction Info
Base: started with the sa prefab by Mulchman. the rest of it was all me.
Editor(s) used: Worldcraft 3.3, some sound editing in CoolEdit
Compiled on: Pentium 233, 128mb RAM
Compile Time: About 29m
Design Time: 7 hours

Easy Way:
Unzip the contents of the zip into the Half-Life folder. Everything will be automatically put into the correct folders.

Easy but not Hard Way:
Unzip the files into these folders
sa_buzzsaw.cfg Half-Life/tfc
sa_buzzsaw.bsp Half-Life/tfc/maps
sa_buzzsaw.txt Half-Life/tfc/maps
siren.wav Half-Life/tfc/sound/sa
kickass.wav Half-Life/tfc/sound/sa

Other Stuff
Hit the barrel to expose the buzzsaws. If you touch them you're instantly gibbed. They'll stay explosed for 30 seconds and you can turn them on about every 2 minutes.

The quad damage item is hovering over the center of the map. It'll give you quad damage for 30 seconds. It'll reappear about every 3 minutes.

Cool Sites
Soldier Arena

Contact Stuff
EMail: [email protected]
AIM: AlienCowz or KAHSciFi
ICQ: 155243899
IRC: #clankah on
Telepathy: only between 3pm and 3:01pm on Sunday

Thanks To
myself... only myself.. noone else but myself
The saws idea came from Comedy Central's BattleBots
Thanks to A&W for the excellent w00t beer I consumed during the making of this map.

sa_buzzsaw ©2002 [email protected]

no llamas were sacrificed in the creation of this map

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