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File: Battleground SCRUM!
Author: Wedge
Downloads: 588
Description: Battleground SCRUM!
Size: 1.4MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Battleground SCRUM!

*** This map designed for the Team Fortress Classic Half-Life ***
Title : Battleground SCRUM!
Filename :
Author : Michael "Wedge" Mattson
Email Address : [email protected]
Description : TeamFortress Classic Map
Number of Teams : 2
Recommended # of Players: Minimum: 4 (can't score without a teammate)
Maximum: 32 (handles 20 quite nicely)
New Textures : None
New Sounds : Team Communications and PAM
Editor used : Worldcraft 2.1
Other utilities used : Q2 BeaVeR, EntEd and CoolEdit

Build Time: : 2 months of building, testing, rebuilding...
Full Compile Time: : 110 minutes (P2 450, 256 MB RAM, WIN 95)

Check out the Half-Life Editing Resource Center for all your map making needs:

Check out the Department of Engineering for all your map testing needs:

Check out these sites for all your map reviewing needs:



scrumh1: Initial BETA for playtesting

scrumh2: Secondary BETA for playtesting
Widened and streamlined the internal structure of the bases.
Added many sniper holes.
Increased light levels of all internal areas.
Added water tubes
Increased floor height of fortress to restrict water access.
Added teleports from center to fortress.
Added teleports from fortress to center (when team controls center)
Removed funky "bunkers" in center arena.
Restructured the center arena.
Added ladders to upper levels in center arena.
Fixed "sticking" places on signs and under bridges.

scrumh3: First release to public (DoE) for playtesting and feedback.
Added point bonus for taking an arena from the enemy.
Added "Scrummage Imminent" sound.

scrumh4: Final internal beta test at LAN party.
MASSIVE retexturing and restructuring.
Easier to Defend fortresses.
Slightly less Symetrical layout.
More modern texuring theme.
Added light sources.
Added glowing touch pads
Used Hint Brushes to help streamline vis areas.
Removed SLIME in the crevasse and changed to a teleport back to fort.

scrum: Final public release.
Added SCRUM! and CENTER signs in fortresses.
Created better scrum.txt file for initial game instructions.

The r_speeds can get a little high (right at 700) in a couple spots in the
colored arenas. I did everything I could to reduce them. r_speeds were over
1000 when I started trying to optimize the level. All other places never get
over 600 and is often WELL below that.

I wanted to impliment dynamic lighting (lights change color to match the
controlling team) but I never got around to learning it. I REALLY wanted
to move on to another project.


Please unzip the archive into the TFC directory.
The directory information was saved during archiving.
If you should goof that up, here is the complete list of files
and the locations they should be placed into.

scrum.bsp ----> \half-life\tfc\maps
scrum.txt ----> \half-life\tfc\maps
explode.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\misc
scrumsoon.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\scrum
tnablue.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\scrum
tnacen.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\scrum
tnared.cen ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\scrum
all.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
arena.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
blue.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
buzwarn.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
center.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
dadeda.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
deeoo.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
flag.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
hostile.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
points.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
red.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
reset.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
scrum1.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
scrum2.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
scrum3.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
secured.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam


Simple Overview:
Work with a teammate to take control of the Arenas. You and a teammate must
stand on the touch pads SIMULTANEOUSLY in order to take control of an arena.
Scoring is based on length of time stations are held and their proximity.
The arenas must be taken in order moving away from your fortress. Your enemy
is moving in the opposite direction. If you lose control of an arena to the
enemy, you must back up and take it back in order to continue.

Once you control all three arenas, make a final assault into the enemy fortress.
One person must step on the pad marked "SCRUM!" inside their fortress. This
will give your team a bunch of points, reset all arenas and respawn both teams.

The Details:
There are two fortresses and 3 arenas. The arenas are named Red, Center
and Blue -- Corresponding to the fortress closest to them. When you step on
a pad in an arena, your teammates will get an audio cue requesting help in
that arena. This is the best I could do for those who don't bother to read
this file.

The Team Point system works like this:

Nearest Arena:
Hold the nearest arena to score 2 points per minute (1 every 30 seconds)

Center Arena:
Hold the center arena to score 3 points per minute (1 every 20 seconds)
Take the center arena away from enemy control to score 1 bonus point

Enemy Arena:
Hold the enemy arena to score 4 points per minute (1 every 15 seconds)
Take the enemy arena away from enemy control to score 2 bonus points

Enemy Fortress:
SCRUM! scores 20 points, resets the arenas and respawns the teams

There is health and resupplies available inside of each respawn room. The
resupplies are arranged in three lines inside the respawn room. It is only
necessary to run over a single line to get COMPLETELY resupplied (excepting
health). You don't have to run around in circles. This is to help get
people out of the respawn room quickly after a SCRUM!

Extra supplies are available in the arenas but only for the team that
currently controls that arena.

There is some health in the center arena and in the upper transition between
fort and arena.

The center teleportals take you back to your own fortress.
The teleportal in your fortress takes you to the center, but ONLY if your
team is currently in control of the center.


If you are in the Central Washington State area and are interested in joining
the PC Gamers Society for some regular LAN party grooviness, see my web site.

The PC Gamers Society:
I get all of my map making inspiration from them. They are also the most
willing PlayTesters I've ever had the honor of working with.

My wife and son for their patience as I abandon them for map making.

Chris "Stinger" Hansen for his patience when I just wanted to talk and bounce
ideas off of him. "You're the greatest, man!"

David "Tolwyn" Shaw for his expertise in all things audio.

Pam Magnuson for her amazing voice talents.

Valve for their wonderful game Half-Life and Team Fortress Classic.


Battleground SCRUM! is copyright 1999 Michael Mattson.

You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

Authors MAY NOT use Pam's voice without her permission. Contact me for

This BSP may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems.
You are NOT authorized to put this BSP on any CD or distribute it in
any other way without my permission.

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