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Description: SEIZURE
Size: 922KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
*** SEIZURE *** BY CYCLOID *** V1.00

- Capture and Hold - The flag lives in the center of the
map. Capture it to gain 5 points for every 30 secs held

- If the enemy have the flag you need to get it from them
and take it to your own FLAG room

- For easier access to the enemy flag room use the lever
in the PUMP room to flood the corner of the enemy base,
giving you 20 seconds before the enemy can reset it



- you may not notice at first, but many of the doorways have
signs above them to help you get around. familiarise yourself
with the layout before embarking on a net game

- r_speeds are generally ok until you go up to the battlements
dont complain to me about them. i bashed them down from
nigh-on 1000! the biggest problem is the fact that the
water brushes are broken into 64*64 units by the engine

- once the enemy has the flag you may find it a touch difficult
to get to , you need a few people to do it, one to clear the
flag room, one to guard the nearest respawn corridor and
one to grab the flag and run for it

- it's easier to get to the flag with the water level raised but
easier to get away with it lowered

*** INFO ***

TITLE - Seizure
AUTHOR - Cycloid
EMAIL - [email protected]
GAME - [Half-Life] Team Fortress
GAMEPLAY - "Capture and Hold"


EDITOR - Worldcraft [V3.3]
COMPILER - q2BeaVeR & Zoner's Half Life Tools [V2.4.1]
BUILD TIME - 3 months from paper sketch to release
COMPUTER - AMD k6-2 350 [clocked to 380 :)] 128MB
COMPILE TIME - 2 hours

*** LEGAL ***

Do what you like, I don't care. So long as you don't
fob it off as your own work or try and make money from
it. But Give me credit where credit is due.

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