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Author: Tristan A Hearn
Downloads: 1128
Description: TFC_STARGATE
Size: 9.6MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
By Tristan A Hearn ([email protected])
-Both teams must capture planet P3X-938 by dialing their
Stargate to that location, and walking over the symbol on the
floor within the 'base' on the planet. The planet then 'belongs'
to that team. For every 15 seconds that a team holds P3X-938,
that team earns 5 points. The enemy team must walk over the
floor symbol to capture it from the holding team.
-Each team may also dial the home planet of the other, if they wanted
to put them on the defensive.The earth stargate (homebase of
team SG-3) has a metal barrier called an 'iris' that they can close
over the stargate and kill incoming travelers through the stargate.
-The dialing sequence for the earth stargate is slightly longer than that
of the off-world stargates, since the original dialing device for the stargate
was not recovered. It must rotate and lock in the glyphs individualy
during the dialing sequence.


14:00 Hours,
Stargate Command, Cheyenne Mountain Colorado

SG unit you were.

Thanks to reconnaissance performed by SG-1, we have
become aware that the Goa'uld Apophis is
planning to attack a world containing rich deposits of the
element, naquada. As you should know, naquada
is a very powerfull element, necessary for most
forms of higher technology we've encountered
(It is, in fact, the element that the stargate is
comprised of). The deposits on this planet are
especially pure in content. We cannot allow
Apophis' Jaffa army to secure this planet, or he
will be able
to construct ships and weapons more powerfull
than what his armies currently possess.

You are to report directly to the control room,
and dial this planet (designated P3X-938 by our dialing computer)
by pushing the buttons on the keyboard labelled '93X-938'.
You may also dial the Goa'uld's base of attack by pushing the
buttons on the keyboard labelled 'Goauld world'.
Goa'uld attacks on the SGC can be stopped by
closing the iris in front of our stargate, which can be done by
pushing the buttons on the keyboard labeled
'iris controls'. The iris will also kill our own people,
so use team communication whenever an incoming
traveller is detected to rule out an incoming teammate.
Once you are on P3X-938, locate the symbol on the
floor within the structure on the planet,
and walk over it to secure the planet.
Walking over the symbol repeatedly will restore your health,
armor, and supplies. Once secured,
set up your defense accordingly, and stop any Goa'uld attacks.

GodSpeed, SG-3
-Maj. Gen. George Hammond


Kree kel'sha, jaffa..

The end of a dark moment in Goa'uld history approaches...
You will conquer a planet rich with resources, and defend it
from those who would dare oppose my power. With this
planet, we will wipe out the scourge that has plagued us. The people
of the Tau'ri have proved to us their audacity, but you will
demonstrate to them that I am their one, true God.
Proceed to the chaapa'ai, located at the top of the pyramid on our world.
Locate the dialing device that will open the gate to your target
(a planet the Tau'ri call 'P3X-938'). Once you have arrived
at your destination, secure the planet by walking over the
symbol located within the structure there,
Then defend the stronghold with all
your vigilance. Walking over the symbol repeatedly will restore your health,
armor, and supplies. You may also dial Earth,
homeworld of the Tau'ri, and place them on the
defensive, but remember the barrier
that the insolent Tau'ri have
in place over their gate.

Your god,

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