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Description: THE SHAFT
Size: 963KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
- Enter the valve room from the enemy's base and use
the valve to divert the steam to your base.

- Then go to their basement and jump down the shaft.

- Points for escaping vary per class.
1 point - Scout, Medic
2 points - Demo, Soldier, HWGuy
3 points - Sniper, Engineer, Pyro



- In the panic after the fallout the blast doors to
the nuclear bunker were sealed. There is, however,
the possibility of entering the bunker via the
main air shaft in one of the secondary ventilation
plants. You must fight your way to the lowest
point of the shaft and leap down it. Otherwise you
will perish from radiation sickness. Go, now.

*** INFO ***

TITLE The Shaft
AUTHOR Cycloid
EMAIL [email protected]
VER 0.99
GAME TFC [Half-Life] Map


EDITOR Worldcraft [V2.1 and V3.3]
COMPILER q2BeaVeR & Zoner's Half Life Tools [V2.06]
BUILD TIME months from paper sketch to release
COMPUTER AMD k6-2 350 [clocked to 380 :)] 128MB
HLCSG 72 seconds
HLVIS 6506
HLRAD 1508

*** FILES ***


*** VERSION ***

2000/06/21 V1.00

- Hastily compiled and uploaded 'cos i'm
hosting a barbeque in 2 hours time!

2000/06/11 V0.99

- Respawn doors should now be easier
to get through
- More texture cleaning up , using the
WC3.3 "fit" button too
- The steam display is now slightly
illuminated so you can see it better
- Rain angled a bit to make it look better
- Resupply packs now give one of
each grenade type
- Lights in main hallway have clip brushes
round them
- Valve "reset" time extended from 3 to 5
seconds, hopefully lag-proofing it
- Sky now a nice overcast one to go
with the rain
- Nobuild brush in the valve room
- Cleaned up the Pump Room, this was
the higest r_speeds part of the map
[at a massive 600ish]
- There's one fucking texture that's wrong
[outside the bases] and i'm not
compiling it again for that!

2000/06/08 V0.98

- Removed the roundy doorway bits making
it generally more spacious and easier to
get around
- re-seperated the valve room
- Steam hurtage massiveley incresed
now you've got no chance of getting
down the shaft from yer own side
- General texture cleanage [i said CLEANAGE]
- New respawn/team doors because of
the aforementioned doorway business
and cos they were hard to get through
- Completeley new set of entities for
the elevator, it's still just as
painfully, uselessly slow tho, hehe

2000/05/02 V0.95

- More signage, generally located in
the yellow corridors
- outside cliff texture changed
- signs to identify the bases and
generally more colouring
- "Pump room" finally done out
- Spies score no points for escaping
- More respawn points
- "Valve room" changed so that you can
only enter it
from the enemies base.
- went out and drank beer all may-day
monday and now i'm hurting all over.

2000/04/28 V0.9

- beta 3 but only 2nd public beta!
- one or two little entity bugs ironed out
- still think i need furniture in the
main big room

2000/04/24 V0.85

- non released version
- lots of new custom textures inc. signage
- pipes textured
- some ladders made into func_illusionary
to prevent some sticky moments
- trigger_push in red lift sorted out so
you don't get squished by the switch!
- valve, vox, rain and steam sounds sorted
- some texturing inc. outside Air ducts
have team colours.
- clip brush in outside bit to stop
you concing onto the cliffs
- respawn backpacks a little lower
- secret room, hehe, it's got a present
in it if you can find it :)
- extra pipeage
- displays now done as dials on the pipes

2000/04/21 V0.8b

- first public [beta] release
- elevator
- team spawny entities
- lots of texturing to tidy up still
- the shafts entities

2000/03/09 V0.A.2

- Bases in place
- Now 3 custom textures, can you find them all?
- testing the rain out, niiice
- The blue steely areas will be either
"teamed off" or respawn
- The central shaft room is the switch room,
you wont be able to "pass through"

2000/02 V0.A

- First Alpha Release

*** LEGAL ***

Do what you like, I don't care. So long as you don't
fob it off as your own work or try and make money from
it. But Give me credit where credit is due.

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