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File: Xen-CTF
Author: Bubble
Downloads: 417
Description: Xen-CTF
Size: 175KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:

Author: Bubble-TPF-AoE
Time to create: A good 3 hours non-stop
Compile Time: A good 30 seconds :D

A good one - Pentium III 733mhz, 128 MB RAM, other things I dont know about....

About Xen-CTF:

Xen-CTF brings you back to the world of Xen. The dark gloomy planet is now home to a TFC map. The main way to tell who's base is who's is to look at the colors. The second way is to check the flag room.

Make your way into the enemy base through one of the two entrances, from here, you have to swim across a small pool of Xen Water, or take a more vulnerable route along side it (vulnerable because you cant strafe or anything). After your across, there is a door to the next room, or you can crawl through a small opening. This might be quicker, but your again vulnerable. Then follow the path to make your way to the flag room, snatch the flag, exit the base, and capture in your flag room.

Recommended Players: 6-12
Type: Capture the Flag (duh)

Known Bugs:
There are a few texture problems, like a door in the blue base being red, or something like that.

And the blue base is darker then the red base, making it slightly harder to see what team the player is on. Nothing I can do about it, its a dark-type setting and I have to live up to it.

NOTE: Do not, I repeat, do NOT use this map for clan matches, it dont work good due to the lighting and small size.

This is my first map, so its not too good. Dont e-mail me saying it sucks, I really dont care. Say whatever you want, just dont e-mail me. If you like my map, please, e-mail me :D

Xenctf is copyright Bubble-TPF-AoE and stuff, dont steal the map, sell it for money, or burn it on a CD and the like without my permission. Thank you.

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