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File: raw_r
Author: [TDA]Mr.Virus
Downloads: 604
Description: raw_r
Size: 3.3MB
Date: 10/05/2002

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Additional Info:
Author [TDA]Virus

Score 10 points for capture, you and your team will recive 10 points and full grens for all your team.

Special thanks as allways goes out to some special people that gives a good helping hand when needed.

[TDA]Deathmark for making the fine Tap Dat Ass texture..
[TDA]OWl for not eating till the map was completed
[TDA]Phish for some good input on game play
[TDA]Angel for having such a crapy computer that I could use to benchmark with.
[TDA]Tre for liking everything
[GoW}Azlan forseting up the playtest.
Raz for making overview

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