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File: Rocket Jump Ensignee
Author: CowNaetion
Downloads: 483
Description: A old school QWTF type like map. TFers who have done extreme will welcome this map. Others, well, good luck : )
Size: 543KB
Date: 10/16/2002

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Additional Info:
Author: CowNaetion
Contact me on AIM: CowNaetion

Thanks go out to:
[ROTN]Fodder Nature
The Beginner

Rocket Jump Ensignee

Mission Statement: This is your first real
rocket jumping mission. Complete this
course to improve your skills and become
a technical rocket jumper, where you will
later use your skills to become a master
rocket jumper. Map originally had 12 jumps,
but Hammer (WorldCraft) wouldn't let me have
the map until I took 3 jumps out. Be fortunate
it's not big : ) Have fun most of all. All
jumps are possible, done by your's truely.

Other Notes: Don't cheat, it won't help you
gain any skill.

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