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File: Summit
Author: CowNaetion
Downloads: 432
Description: No enemies camping in respawn, no llamas capping flag flag for points, misunderstanding what CTF means.
Size: 650KB
Date: 11/16/2002

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Additional Info:

Author: CowNaetion
Contact me on AIM: CowNaetion
9 Mile Contact on AIM: StaindSalamander

Thanks go out to:
[ROTN]Fodder Nature
The Beginner


Notes: Trigger hurts placed in respawns, so if
enemy team enters they die. When flag is capped,
that team gets 10 points, the capper 1 point. No
more llamas thinking their big with their high
kill count though they aren't real. They don't
understand what CTF is, so real CTF people
understand the flag is what wins, not frags. No
nest, easy to enter bases via middle or first
floor. Detpackable wall in each base for easy
access to stairs. Stairs are big, but on purpose.
This map was made for a good Defense setup (or I
tried setting it up like that : ) And a good setup
for Offense to work with. Have fun.

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