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File: Rocket Jump Starters
Author: CowNaetion
Downloads: 453
Description: Rocket Jump Starters
Size: 245KB
Date: 11/23/2002

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Additional Info:
Author: CowNaetion
Contact me on AIM: CowNaetion
Destroyed Nature:
DN Contact (AIM): StaindSalamander

Thanks go out to:
[ROTN]Fodder Nature
The Beginner
-=$D$=- Trigger-Happy

Rocket Jump Starters

This map will help you learn and master
the basic rocket jumping skills you will
need, period. After mastering this map,
you will have a 500% better chance of
completing any other rocket jump map.
However, doesn't mean you are good, it
only means you you've taken the first few
steps to becoming good. Finish Ensignee
after this, and then you can claim your

Other Notes: Don't cheat, it won't help you
gain any skill.

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