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File: Planet3C_r
Author: Kami
Downloads: 741
Description: A civilian skills map where you have to complete tasks working as a team to reach the end
Size: 3.3MB
Date: 02/16/2003

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Additional Info:
[C:\Entering Inter-Planetary Communications v.1.03
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I have to do the whole Space Travel thing quite regularly
and, as you know, the novelty soon wore off.
However, I've never been on a trip outside of our Solar System before
and to tell the truth I'm quite excited about this trip !

We're staying in one of the best Hotels Colony3c has to offer.
It's in the very heart of the Uptown District which means we have
access to Colony3c's finest and famous entertainment.

Once this whole deal with Kami-Tech is over, i'm looking forward
to some top quality relaxation.

The view from my window is absolutely stunning:
A vast City with large mountains as its backdrop.
Colony3c is almost constantly in a twighlight state during the day
and then when night falls all the stars come out.
The sheer volume of stars is very impressive and they all glow very
clearly due to the effective Air Pollution control.

I hear some Asteroids will be passing the planet soon and they will just
skim the Atmosphere, creating an amazing light show.
Hopefully we'll be here long enough to see it.

Anyway, I had better sign off for now. I need to get some good sleep in
before the meeting tomorrow.
I wish you and the kids could have come with me, but I know how you
feel about Space Travel.
You don't know what you're missing though !
I'll bring back some good photos.

See you in a week...

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