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File: Siege
Author: omega
Downloads: 2299
Description: Enter the enemy Base and make your way to where their Flag resides in the Flag Room. Grab it and bring it back to your Battlements. Place it on the logo to Capture it.
Size: 2.6MB
Date: 03/20/2005

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Additional Info:
Siege - Capture The Flag

by omega

Objective: Enter the enemy Base and make
your way to where their Flag resides in the
Flag Room. Grab it and bring it back to your
Battlements. Place it on the logo to
Capture it.

Scoring: 10 points per Capture.

Other Notes: Flag carriers drop the Flag when
they die. Dropped flags return to their Base
after 60 seconds.


Title: Siege
Filename: siege.bsp
Author: omega
e-mail: [email protected]
Release Date: February 28, 2004
Description: Capture the Flag
Additional Info: You can find me in #nevernity and #c^ on the IRC server GameSurge

I'd like to thank Mulchman for giving me extensive feedback, making me finish the map, and letting me jack his neat-o HTML readme file. :)
I'd like to thank eat for the beautiful Jedi Knight 2 textures.
I'd like to thank Bigrichard for making some custom textures and being gay.
I'd like to thank Sock for the custom skybox, grave.
I'd like to thank NF for hosting the map files and letting me use his server to playtest.
I'd like to thank Azrael for giving me heavily extensive feedback.
I'd like to thank the playtesters that showed up for the playtest--I put your names in the credit wall at the start of the map. Hopefully I didn't forget anyone!

Play Information
Single Player: Negative
Deathmatch: Negative
Cooperative: Negative
Team Fortress Classic: YES!
Difficulty Settings: Negative
New Sounds: Negative
New Textures: Yep, some Jedi Knight 2 ones from eat.
Size: Medium/Large
Recommend # of players: 10-18

Base: Scratch (though was originally "planned" to be based of off the Quake map, siege).
Editor used: Valve Hammer Editor
Known Bugs: None
Build Time: Around 6 months on and off.

Compile / Testing
Machine: Pentium 4 2.2 GHz, 512 DDR RAM, GeForce 4 MX-440
Compile Times (Hammer compile log included)
hlcsg: 29.87 seconds
hlbsp: 25.33 seconds
hlvis: 125.36 seconds [2m 5s]
hlrad -extra: 1357.31 seconds [22m 37s]

Designer's Notes
The map was originally planned to be based of the Quake map "siege" but it ended up being pretty different.

If you have directories enabled in WinZip, then extract EVERYTHING into your ..\Steam\SteamApps\\team fortress classic\ directory. Otherwise, here is where the files go:
Put the siege.cfg into your ..\Steam\SteamApps\\team fortress classic\tfc directory.
Put the siege.bsp and siege.txt into your ..\Steam\SteamApps\\team fortress classic\tfc\maps directory.
Put all of the grave256_*.* files into your ..\Steam\SteamApps\\team fortress classic\tfc\gfx\env directory.

Copyright and Permissions
This level may be distributed via any medium (ie: Internet, BBS, CD-ROM, compilation disk) as long as it maintains the name siege.bsp and is supplied in a zip file called that also contains this text / html document and no other files. Also, if you wish to put it on a publication (ie: Magazine, CD-ROM), please send me a copy also. My email is listed above.

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