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File: Boom Arena v2
Author: Krypt-Tonix
Downloads: 429
Description: Boom Arena v2
Size: 771KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Boom Arena v2 by Krypt-Tonix

**** This map designed for the TeamFortress Classic Half-Life mod ****

Tuesday April 10, 2001
Title : Boom Arena v2
Filename : b_arena2.bsp
Author : Chris Stephens (Krypt-Tonix)
Email Address : [email protected]m
Description : TeamFortress Classic Push map for Tournament of Boom League
Number of Teams : 2
Recommended # of Players: 8-12

New Skybox : No
New Textures : No
New Sounds : No
Editor used : Worldcraft 3.3
Other utilities used : Quake 1 for Original 2tech4
Build machine: PII-800, 356 MB RAM
Build time: 2 weeks

Check out the Half-Life Editing Resource Center for all your mapping needs:


Unzip all files into your "/tfc/maps" directory.


I made this map originally for the Tournament of BooM! a league for TFC
that allows only demo to play in the game. After the league fell apart I
got quite depressed that my map didn't get anything out of it. So I went back
in my map and changed it so it allows all classes.

This map is just like map that came with TFC called Push. I modified my
version alot from Push and even added a detpackable computer room. So
if you either like my maps or enjoy a fun map to play, Boom! Arena is for you.


B_Arena1 - This is the Original version that contains Only the DEMOMAN class.

B_Arena2 - This is the Second version that contains All Available Classes.


I didn't find any in my tests but if you did, send them in to:
[email protected]

Clan AGT for helping me beta test this map! The Agency Owns You =p

DragonHunter's help in a few ideas and encouraging me to make this map,
I hope it helps out your league a bit.


You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH

No map authors may rename this map and give it off as their own. Don't
be cheap like that.

Nobody is allowed to sell/reproduce or put this map onto a resale CD without
my persmission, otherwise you will be in trouble with the law. =\


Again thanks to all those who contributed to the making of this map.

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