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File: Belch_DM
Author: <+>Bloodvayne
Downloads: 371
Description: Belch_DM
Size: 93KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:

Made By: <+>Bloodvayne

Time to make approx: 1 month

Belch_dm is almost exactly like Mulchman's Mulch_DM butt....
I added a few twists and some funny stuff to it! It should be used
the same as the one and only original Mulch_DM...except Jump 3 times on the
target ouside! It took me about a month to make this map cause of all the
screenshots i had to take so i could get it to almost look like the
original Mulch map! Remember this is only a Parody of Mulchman's version
so don't get ticked off at me please! The map is not an exact replica of it..
there is alot different with it!!
Oh yeh added a new team hope you enjoy it !
Green team is allowed to jump in on fights and screw everbody over : ) !
Fatty's are allowed to also...but that umbrella cough cough sucks anyhow !
So have fun with the map, and please no flame mails! Just e-mail me if there
are any maps you'd like to see a funny parody of ! And i'll think about
making it! Frag ya's later!!

Contact me @: [email protected]

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