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File: The Big Box
Author: Wedge
Downloads: 629
Description: The Big Box
Size: 2.1MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
The Big Box

**** This map designed for the TeamFortress Classic Half-Life mod ****
Title : The Big Box
Filename :
Author : Michael Mattson (Wedge)
Email Address : [email protected]
Description : TeamFortress Classic CTF map
Number of Teams : 2
Recommended # of Players: 8-16

New Textures : None
New Sounds : Flag Capturing, Flag Taking, BOB and PAM
Editor used : Worldcraft 2.1
Other utilities used : Q2 BeaVeR
: EntEd

Check out the Half-Life Editing Resource Center for all your map making needs:

Check out the Department of Engineering for all your map testing needs:

Check out Radium for all your map reviewing needs:

bigbox: Initial release (Quake, QWTF version)

Added Flag Room and enhanced the ramp room.
Changed scoring (reduced points).
Added demo-doors.

bigboxh2: Initial release (Half-Life version).
Added upper access doors.
Enhanced the center room visually.

bigboxh3: (This release)
Changed doors to be two way for the owning team.
Created respawn rooms with mini-turrets and team-only doors.
Moved all spawn points into respawn rooms.
Moved all resupplies into respawn rooms.
Enhanced ramp room for playability and r_speed.
Enhanced courtyard area and balcony for r_speed.
Enhanced center area for r_speed.
Removed some access to center area.
Great Green crystal was named BOB (by Radium and his playtesters).
Made BOB talk.
Added "sacrifice" entities for team bonus when a player jumps into BOB.
Added respawn room "No Flag Access" entities.
Added capture point information to tell players to get their own flag for capturing.
Made flags droppable.
Deepened the healing pool.
Modified the entire map to reduce r_speeds.
Changed overhead announcement system to PAM.


Please unzip the archive into the TFC directory.
The directory information was saved during archiving.
If you should goof that up, here is the complete list of files
and the locations they should be placed into.

bigboxh3.bsp ----> \half-life\tfc\maps
bigboxh3.txt ----> \half-life\tfc\maps
alarm.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\misc
bigcap.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\misc
bob1.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\bob
bob10.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\bob
bob11.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\bob
bob12.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\bob
bob2.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\bob
bob3.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\bob
bob4.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\bob
bob5.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\bob
bob6.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\bob
bob7.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\bob
bob8.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\bob
bob9.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\bob
bobsac.wav ----> \half-life\tfc\sound\bob
access.wav ---> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
bizwarn.wav ---> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
buzwarn.wav ---> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
captured.wav ---> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
dadeda.wav ---> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
deeoo.wav ---> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
denied.wav ---> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
doop.wav ---> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
enemy.wav ---> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
flag.wav ---> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
has.wav ---> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
our.wav ---> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
please.wav ---> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
return.wav ---> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
returned.wav ---> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
taunt1.wav ---> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
taunt2.wav ---> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
team.wav ---> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
the.wav ---> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam
your.wav ---> \half-life\tfc\sound\pam


This is a straight forward Capture the Flag map built in the style of Quake CTF.
It is NOT in the style of typical Team Fortress CTF, you must have your own flag
in the base in order to capture. The capture point and the flag station are one
in the same.

Score 5 team points for a successful capture and 1 team point for a flag return.

All of the doors are One Way doors. Some into the base, and some out of the base.
Although the doors in your base will not restrict you. Read the signs if you are
confused. All of the backpacks and armor packs are team only. You must get your
ammo and armor from the respawn rooms in your own base. But do not take the enemy
flag into your spawn rooms! The only healing on the map (besides a trusty medic)
is by swimming in the pool of Holy Water. Don't touch the Power Columns.

This map features what I call the "Water-Vator" instead of an elevator.


If you are in the Central Washington State area and are interested in joining
the PC Gamers Society for some regular LAN party goodness, see my web site.

The PC Gamers Society:
I get all of my map making inspiration from them.

Steve Mattson who designed the original Big Box for Quake Team Fortress.
I just moved it to it's next logical evolution.

My wife and son for their patience as I abandon them for map making.

David "Tolwyn" Shaw for his expertise in all things audio.

Pam Magnuson for her amazing voice talents.

ThreeWave for the original Capture the Flag FPS concept.

Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves for the Capture sound.

Valve for their wonderful game Half-Life and Team Fortress Classic.

Radium and his playtesters for discovering BOB.

The Department of Engineering for their feedback during testing.


BigBox is copyright 1999 Michael Mattson.

You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

Authors MAY NOT use Pam's voice without her permission. Contact me for

This BSP may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems.
You are NOT authorized to put this BSP on any CD or distribute it in
any other way without my permission.

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