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File: Braking Point
Author: Steven Coppens
Downloads: 431
Description: Braking Point
Size: 623KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Title :Braking Point
Author :Steven Coppens.
Date :12/10/99
Filename :Braking_Point.bsp
Email Address :[email protected]
Description :The map is just one of my simple
creations only because I needed
Low r_speeds. If this were a single
single player level it would have
allot more architectural beauty.
I started from scratch as usual
and tried to make the level flow
together. Its a fun one to play
and I enjoyed the challenge of
r_speeds. I have made about 5 maps
in total but this is the first one that I have reveal to the public. In truth this is my
first multiplayer level. The rest were single player.

*Play Information*

Single Player :Nah
Deathmatch :Nah
CTF (capture the flag) :YES
Cooperative :Nah
Difficulty Settings :Nah
New textures :Not this time
New sounds :Nah
Running the level :Thats easy! Just unzip the files into your C:Serria/TFC/maps Folder.


Base :New level from scratch.
Editor used :Worldcraft 2.0.
Build time :2 and a half Weeks. Full time.
Known bugs :None.
Textures :tfc.wad,halflife.wad
Compile machine :P3 500 w/64mb SDRAM Win98


Ok Well the only story i have for you is that the level is called braking point because i almost
did not compleat it and i was tierd of never finishing things. Witch brought about my braking point
so i said enofs enof and compleated the level. There is your damn story dOOd's.


Ya dont die to much and watch out for the lasers!

*Thanks to the following people *

ME,Valve,WorldCraft dOOd's,and all the peeps who like the level. Oh ya and Players Light!!!


This level may be freely distributed. But this .txt file must go with it!

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