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File: Ceasefire
Author: Gustavo
Downloads: 724
Description: Ceasefire
Size: 1.5MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:

Title : Ceasefire.
Date : 13th September 2001.
Filename : ceasefire.bsp
Filesize : 2.9mb, or thereabouts.
Author : Kevin Edwards, my Half-Life alias is Gustavo.
Home Page :
Email Address (gaming) : [email protected]
Email Addess (work) : [email protected]
ICQ : 10393836 (auth required).


1) Valve/Sierra.
2) The Zoner compiling tools v2.5.3. [email protected]
3) Layout largely based upon the golden-oldie TFC level Openfire, author unknown.
4) Dietz for supplying TFC entities.
5) The playtesters for supplying valuable feedback; Hotrod, Dietz, JonB, Gringo.
6) Records, for salvation from radio/tv hell.


Ceasefire is my thirty-seventh Half-Life FPS map (and sixth for Team Fortress Classic.) All of my previous maps can be found at my website;

Who am I? I'm 26 yrs old, English, and currently work full-time as a level/mission designer for UK-based video games developers Warthog (


Red & blue coloured lights are placed around the level at key locations (spawn rooms, no-mans-land between the bases, etc.) These provide visual feedback on the current state (on/off) of the red & blue laser security.

The area behind each set of laser security beams (where each flag resides) does not kill attacking players should they remain there when the lasers re-activate. This enables the player to throw the enemy flag through the lasers to a team-mate and adds an extra tactical option for attackers, negating the need to turn "off" the laser security until the defending team wise-up and kill the guy stuck behind the lasers.

Ammo & armour packs respawn every 2 seconds. Grenade packs respawn every 10 seconds. Flags return after 60 seconds if dropped.

Warning: if you attempt to enter either of your respawn areas whilst you are carrying the enemy flag, it will be removed & returned to its original position behind the enemy laser security. NO POINTS will be added to your or the team score. This is to stop lamers who ruin the game for everyone else by hiding out with the enemy flag in the safety of their own respawn rooms, ad infinitum.


Base : Created from scratch.
Editor(s) used : Worldcraft v3.3
Build Time : Around fifteen hours from start to finish, spread over two weeks.
Compile Time : ~30 minutes.
Custom textures : All textures are from the default Half-Life/TFC/Counter-Strike texture libraries, with a few modified (added coloured bands, etc) by myself.


All files into ../half-life/tfc/maps

Comments/etc welcome. Enjoy.

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