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File: Compute This
Author: -=DDT=-UniMatrix001
Downloads: 448
Description: Compute This
Size: 1MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Compute This
-- computethis.bsp --

Finished on January 9th, 2002
Title: Compute This
File Name:
Author: Terry Whitehead -=DDT=-UniMatrix001
Email Address: [email protected]
Clan Home Page:
Description: CTF and Death Match, You are 2 inches tall and the enemy flag is in their computer monitor in order to get it you
must travel through the LAN Network Card and again through
the video card once there grab the flag and capture it for
10 points, but if you respawn outside the computer systems
this map takes a twist and now it is a death match style
map. Capture the skull in the middle of the map and gain
Quad Damage and Invulnerability.

MOD: Yes, Team Fortress MOD for Half-Life
Teams: 2, Red and BLue
Number of Players: 8 to 14 Players, but can have more or less, more
comfortable with 8 to 14.

Build information:
Based on: Turkeyburgers, Rats, and so on.
Map Utility used: Worldcraft 3.3, and Zoners Half Life Tools 2.53
Knows Bugs: None that I know of
Time involved: 4 weeks, while working on three other maps. Average of 14
hours a day.

Compile Computer: One Pentium 2 450 Mhz, 384 MB RAM and Pentium 3 933 Mhz 128
MB RAM All times are from the 933

Texture Embedding: 26.31 Sec
HLCSG: Look Above
HLBSP: 9.72 Sec
HLVIS: 53186.83 Seconds (14hr 46min 26sec) That was the big one
HLRAD: 1675.94 Seconds (27min 55sec)
Total Time: 54898.8 Seconds (15hr 14min 55sec) That is alot of time!
Textures: Compthis.wad which was compiled in to BSP file
Sound Files: No additions
Sprite Files: No additions
Model Files: No Additions
Install Information:
Unzip files with the extention BSP and TXT to the c:\Sierra\Half-Life\tfc\maps or when you installed Half Life.
If by chance the wad file is not included in the BSP file the WAD file needs to be unzipped to your MOD directory, TFC folder.
Additional Credit:
-=DDT=-ProLin for lighting a fire under my butt to release my maps and my ideas. Also thanks goes out to the whole -=DDT=- Detroit Demolition Team Clan for putting up with my absenses since I started this map making adventure. ProLin has been a great help with brain storming also.

Keep and eye out for my other maps which are coming soon.

Any questions or concerns contact me at [email protected]

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