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File: ConcjumpTFC
Author: Aceman
Downloads: 473
Description: ConcjumpTFC
Size: 422KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Conc Jumping Team Fortress Classic
Welcome to the ConcjumpTFC!
The object of this map is simple,
practice your conc jumping. Simply
make your way through the course doing
your best. You will reach a deciding
room, which has 3 marked exits. 1 leads
to the easy solution, 1 leads to the
medium solution, and 1 leads to the
hard solution.

The 3 different endings reward you with
different amounts of frags, and lengths
of time with Quad-damage. Quad-damage
is usefull only to the Medics, who wish
to use regular grenade jumps. Don't
worry, for the same amount of time you
have quad damage, you have Invincibility
so you wont be hurt. If you decide to
take the hard ending, but decide you
can't do it, there is a pathway that
will teleport you back to the deciding
room and you may choose medium or easy.

Map made by K. Swisher (Aceman)
Other maps made by me:

Thanks to:
Matt (Freakzilla)
Eric (EVOlution)
Matt (Hockey)

Special thanks to:
Stephen (|-Enet-|Darktrooper)

VERY special thanks to:
Bobby (Big Bob)
And the Inventer of Concmap.bsp
WHO ARE YOU! but thanks for the

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