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File: Coolcrap sniper pak
Author: DOX
Downloads: 1686
Description: This is a very sleek looking sniper rifle model that can be used in place of the one that comes with TF.
Size: 62KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Title : Coolcrap sniper pak
Filename : Coolcrap sniper
Version : 1.0
Date : 26/12/98
Author : DOX
Homepage :
Email : [email protected]

Contents : contains v_sniper.mdl, updated skin and wav file.

Instead of waiting untill i finished the series ie sniper/medic/spy pak..ive released the sniper by i dont know when ill get around to finishing the rest. Also due to some problems with exporting to mdl format..the sniper rifle's vertices became highly distorted and skewed. Ive tried to fix it as best as i can, but it isnt perfect. Hopefully ill figure out a way to properly fix it at a later date.

This zip contains DOXsnipe.pak & readme.txt


Simply unzip this zip into your quake/fortress directory.

Select the pak u want (usually 'DOXsnipe.pak') to use on your system, and simply rename it to the next pak file in the directory

If you have a pak0.pak, pak1.pak & pak2.pak, just re-name it to pak3.pak etc.
If u dont have any paks, name it pak0.pak..or just unpack it all


Note for GLquake people:
For this to work correctly, you need to delete the quake/id1/glquake dir..

ASWELL AS quake/fortress/glquake dir!


These directories hold the meshes of your old sentry/rocket launcher/shotguns etc.
If u dont these mdls will look all screwed up and folded over and inside out.
After u delete the folder a new one will be made the next time u run glquake again.

All the mdls that come with teamfortress are meshed in the quake/fortress/ glquake dir
All mdls that originally come with Quake1 are meshed in quake/id1/glquake dir
(just make sure after u delete those folders, u run teamfortress FIRST!, before quake for the first time
after u delete them..once they mesh then its ok.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

I dont long as u dont make any money from it, without giving me lots of it (if applicable) hehe :P