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File: Nuclear Fallout
Author: Private Beavis
Downloads: 897
Description: Nuclear Fallout
Size: 1.8MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
December 18, 1999
Title : Nuclear Fallout
Filename : (nuclear.bsp, nuclear.txt, nuclear_info.txt)
Author : Private Beavis (Sebastian Magda)
Email Address : [email protected]
Homepage :
Description : Team Fortress Classic map

* Play Information *

Number of Teams : 2
Minimum # of players : 4 (2/team)
Recommended # of players : 12-32

* Construction *

Base : None
Prefabs : nukeY1 by Yak_Fighter - used as a base and heavily modified
New Textures : Yes, embedded in the file.
New Sounds : No
Known Bugs : None
Editor used : Worldcraft 2.1

Build Time : about 5 months with breaks

* Compile information *

Compile machine : PIII-500 256MB RAM
Compile tools : Zoner's HL Tools v1.41
HLCSG Time : 106 secs
HLBSP Time : 198 secs
HLVIS Time (full) : 1359 secs
HLRAD Time (extra) : 98168 secs (that's over 27 hours!!)

Compile summary:

Object names Objects/Maxobjs Memory / Maxmem Fullness
------------ --------------- --------------- --------
models 254/400 16256/25600 (63.5)
planes 16616/32767 332320/655340 (50.7)
vertexes 25466/65535 305592/786420 (38.9)
nodes 10249/32767 245976/786408 (31.3)
texinfos 5238/8192 209520/327680 (63.9)
faces 19265/65535 385300/1310700 (29.4)
clipnodes 30858/32767 246864/262136 (94.2)VERY FULL!
leaves 6136/8192 171808/229376 (74.9)
marksurfaces 24116/65535 48232/131070 (36.8)
surfedges 90896/512000 363584/2048000 (17.8)
edges 46087/256000 184348/1024000 (18.0)
texdata [variable] 25444/4194304 ( 0.6)
lightdata [variable] 2249487/4194304 (53.6)
visdata [variable] 234347/2097152 (11.2)
entdata [variable] 77070/524288 (14.7)
201 textures referenced
=== Total BSP file data space used: 5096148 bytes ===


Put everything in tfc/maps/ in your half-life directory.


A band of doomsday fanatics takes control of a nuclear silo in New Mexico. The
negotiations with the U.S. Army are at a standoff and the complex is surrounded.
The tensions inside the group lead to a split into two separate fractions each of
them holding one launch key and a launch code that works with the other fraction's key.
As one of the fanatics you have to gain control of the other launch key. That's the
only way to bring the God's wrath onto the unbelievers!


The map consists of two identical bases and a large underground silo complex. You
have to take the enemy missile key to the control room located in the silo complex.
The most straightforward way is to go through the main complex entrance located behind
the loading dock in the middle of the map.
Once inside the control room you will be safe, as only the key carrier can open
the control room door from outside. In order to launch the nuke you will need to let
one of your teammates into the control room. He will activate the launch confirmation
switch allowing you to press the launch button.
Watch out for the control room security system! Key carrier can activate control
room security by pressing the panel in the main room. Everyone inside the control
room will get killed.

Have fun exploring the map, as there are many more interesting aspects to it allowing
for variety of strategies.

Some tips:

1. The only way to get out of the nuke blast range is to clear the base. You have to either
get to the loading dock, the area above the nuke silo, or hide in the tunnel going
from the resupply to the silo complex.

2. The fastest way to the control room is through the hole in the silo door right above the
nuke. HOVEVER, it will be very painful, so make sure you can survive. Having a teammate
turn off the coolant valve ensures success.

3. If you control the loading dock you can use the freight elevator to give your teammates
a quick way to get upstairs. The loading dock elevator can only be operated from the
second floor.

4. The back door in both bases CAN be open from inside by spies. Great way to let some heavy
classes in for a surprise attack.

5. If you accidentally get into enemy resupply room, you won't be stuck. All resupply doors
can be open from inside by any team.

Have Fun!


Team Fortress Software and Valve Software for making TF, HL and TFC
Department of Engineering for being one of the greatest support center for mappers
info_beta for playtesting the map
Zoner for creating superb compile tools
Clan WTF? members for support
Anyone else who spend their time testing this map and providing feedback

Thank you all!


Authors MAY use this level as a base to build maps AS LONG AS THEY CLEARLY STATE

You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH NO

This map may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems.
You are NOT authorized to put it on any CD or distribute it in any way without my