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File: Red Giant
Author: Gustavo
Downloads: 913
Description: Red Giant
Size: 1012KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:

Title : Red Giant.
Date : 16th June 2001.
Filename : gustavo36_redgiant.bsp
Filesize : 2.3mb, or thereabouts.
Author : Kevin Edwards, my Half-Life alias is Gustavo.
Home Page :
Email Address (gaming) : [email protected]
Email Addess (work) : [email protected]
ICQ : 10393836 (auth required).


1) Valve/Sierra.
2) The Zoner compiling tools v2.5.3. [email protected]
3) Dietz for supplying TFC entities.
4) The guys at Pixel for playtesting the beta version of Red Giant, particularly Axon & Dietz. Visit their TFC level reviewing website at
5) Those who gave feedback; Dietz, Axon, HotRod, Stevie, Jon, Mr.Fixxer, GretZeL. Much obliged folks.
6) Records, for salvation from radio/tv hell.


Red Giant is my thirty-sixth Half-Life FPS map (and fifth for Team Fortress Classic.) All of my previous maps can be found at my website;

Who am I? I'm 26 yrs old, English, and currently work full-time as a level/mission designer for UK-based video games developers Warthog (


Base : Created from scratch.
Editor(s) used : Worldcraft v3.3
Build Time : Around 25 hours, spread over two months.
Compile Time : ~30 minutes.
Custom textures : Yep, a few, created by myself.


All files into ../half-life/tfc/maps


Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

This level can be distributed by online or printed publication means as long as it remains within the original file and is not separated from the two accompanying text files.

Comments/etc welcome. Enjoy.