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File: The Shortbus 2
Author: poopfoot
Downloads: 717
Description: The Shortbus 2
Size: 714KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
The Shortbus 2:
Seek and Destroy
by poopfoot / biya[gt]

Attack the enemy base and destroy their control center!
You must destroy their consoles one level at a time -
there are three levels of increasingly larger consoles
leading up to the enemy control center.

1 frag for destroying Level 1 enemy consoles
2 frags for destroying Level 2 enemy consoles
3 frags for destroying Level 3 enemy consoles
10 frags + team score for destroying the enemy control center!

There is an alternate entrance into each base.

And as always, try not to get run over by the shortbus.

[email protected]


This is a Team Fortress Classic map. Don't try feeding it to something like UT or CS.
If you're reading this, you've successfully unzipped the file. Stuff
shortbus2.bsp into your c:/sierra/half-life/tfc/maps directory, or wherever it is you
put these things, and play!

I'd like to acknowledge Girlpower ( for running the first map,
shortbus1a, and to especially thank Knighthawk for doing so in the first place. The
Shortbus 2 wouldn't exist otherwise.

Thanks to my brother Unamonkey for helping test this thing out.

Don't run this map in single player mode! In my limited experiences on one computer,
the map would lock Half-Life up hard once you began to destroy consoles. I have no
evidence that it happens elsewhere, but be warned - run it in a private LAN game if you
have to. At any rate, I am not responsible for hosing your machine no matter what you
do with this map. Have fun!

- poopfoot / biya[gt]
November 5th, 2001