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File: The Shortbus 2.5a
Author: poopfoot
Downloads: 635
Description: The Shortbus 2.5a
Size: 1006KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
The Shortbus 2.5a:
More Blowing Up Stuff
by poopfoot

Attack the enemy base and destroy their control center!
You must destroy their consoles one level at a time -
there are three levels of increasingly larger consoles
leading up to the enemy control center.

1 frag for destroying Level 1 enemy consoles
2 frags for destroying Level 2 enemy consoles
3 frags for destroying Level 3 enemy consoles
10 frags + team score for destroying the enemy control center!

Detpack the pipe for an alternate way into the base, or just
scurry through the underground passages.

The grenade resupply packs in each base work for BOTH TEAMS.

As always, try not to get run over by the shortbus.

[email protected]


The original Shortbus2.5 map has an extra blue spawn left
over in the red base from the testing phase when the red base
was being compiled seperately. Although not necessarily needed,
this version has been released to reduce any confusion.

Also, each respawn has now been covered with a func_nogrenades
entity for respawn spam prevention.

Please note the change in my mail address. The previous
address, [email protected], is no longer being used.
The secret room has new textures to reflect this.


This is a Team Fortress Classic map for use with the Half-Life
Team Fortress Classic mod. If you're reading this, you have
successfully unzipped the file. To install this
map, copy shortbus25.bsp and shortbus25.txt to your
C:\Sierra\Half-Life\tfc\maps directory, or wherever you happen
to have HL+TFC installed.

As always, I'd like to say hi to everyone at Girlpower (
and thank them for their incessant whining-I mean, feedback on Shortbus2.

Do NOT run this map in single player mode - single player Shortbus2.5 will
lock up HL hard after you start shooting up enemy consoles.

The Shortbus is still silent due to the tracktrain sound bug.

- poopfoot
April 3rd, 2002