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File: Stag (revised)
Author: Dragline
Downloads: 902
Description: Stag (revised)
Size: 3.3MB
Date: 10/08/2002

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Additional Info:

Title : Stag
Filename : stag_r.bsp
Author : Dave "Dragline" Sheehan - A port of the Quake Fortress standby Stag.
Email Address : [email protected]
Description : TeamFortress Classic CTF map

Number of Teams : 2
Recommended # of Players: 14-18

New Textures : some
New Sounds : one
Editor used : Hammer (WC 3.4)
Build time : yes


Unzip in the Half-Life directory with folders enabled.

If you can't unzip with folders:
Unzip the stag_r.bsp file to the sierra/half-life/tfc/maps directory
Unzip the stag_r.txt that has the "maps" path to the sierra/half-life/tfc/maps
Unzip the firey*.tga files to the sierra/half-life/tfc/gfx/env/ directory
Unzip the stag_r.tga file to the sierra/half-life/tfc/overviews
Unzip the stag_r.txt that has the "overview" path to the sierra/half-life/tfc/overviews
Unzip jumppad.wav to sierra/half-life/tfc/sound/ambience


Standard CTF scoring, 10 points per cap. 60 second flag returns. The Regeneration featured
in the q3f version of the map has been replaced by Quad Damage. It takes a long while to come back.

Updates from the first version:

-flaginfo working properly
-jumppads redesigned, don't keep you from conc'ing back over the lava,
multiple people can jump right in a row, etc.
-slight respawn tweaks, both in the design + what's in there
-jumppad sound from q3f, goes better than that stupid aliendoor noise


-r_speeds somewhat high in some areas that shouldn't be extremely high-traffic.
-Water brushes are not func_water to cut r_speeds, which is why they glow a little.
-Elevator room deviates from 2stag2 to help r_speeds
-Yard deviates quite a bit as well, again a nod to r_speeds
-Fly over the lava at your own risk



-Leon and aVis, the authors of the original Quake World stag.
-Leon, BirdDawg, and the rest of the Q3F team, who allowed me to port 2stag2.
-Adam W. Stiles, who made the sky.
-|RES|16Valve, who convinced me to have a go at porting the map.
-Ent, N4P, GraFF, Dman2b, cyber, slaws, Snakebite, Wolverine, Swampy, Enkidu,
and the rest of Clan Resurrection, who ran around in the dark and got killed by deadly bugs.
Only one of them was harmed during the testing of this map.
-The deadly Army of Mediocre Players, who helped with some comments and criticism.
-Catacombs Forums critique crew.
-Defrag, cause I stole his bases2k2_info.txt to write this thing.

This is a port of an update of a Q3F map. You shouldn't do stuff with Stag unless you've asked the Q3F team about it.
If you put this map on a free CD please send me a copy, e-mail above.
You may not distribute this zip unless the contents are exactly as you found them.