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File: Two Forts: SinTheTiK 2.1
Author: Gene Jones
Downloads: 924
Description: Two Forts: SinTheTiK 2.1
Size: 528KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
**** Updated info under "Description" explains ****
**** This map designed for the TeamFortress v2.65D+ quakeC mod ****

Release Date: December 12, 1997
Title : Two Forts: SinTheTiK 2.1
Filename : sk_fort2.bsp
Authors : Gene Jones (SK-Imaginos)
: Gene Jones (SK-realistik)
Original Map Design : John Cook
Email Addresses : [email protected] (realistik)
[email protected] (Imaginos)
[email protected] (Jojie)
URLs :
(realistik's foxhole)
(Clan SinTheTiK's Web of Despair)
(TeamFortress Software's Website)
Description : TeamFortress v2.65+ Capture the Flag style map

Additional Credits to : -id for making Quake
-TFS for TF of course...
-Ben Morris for WorldCraft
-Imaginos for many innumerable hours of
stress relief and instruction.
(I'm learning, Pop...)
-The TF Community for keeping this game alive
-John Cook of TFS for all his hard work on
the early versions of Two Forts

Dedications : -This map is dedicated to the memory of
Brad Gentry, a founding member of Clan
SinTheTiK, and a good friend. We miss
SK-s0uNd_mAn dearly.
-This map is also dedicated to everyone
who has a love-hate relationship with
2fort4.bsp. (BY John Cook) :)

* Play Information *

This map does not work properly without the TeamFortress v2.65D or
higher QuakeC patch, which can be downloaded from or from
(The map will run on 2.6+, probably 2.5, but the models won't work right)

TeamFortress : Yes, up to 32 players supported for QW
Single Player : Nothing to kill, no guns
Cooperative : No
Deathmatch (2-16) : No
Difficulty Settings : No
New Sounds : No
New Models : Yes (gren1.bsp)
New Textures : A few
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : None
AutoTeam : No
Hook : No

* Construction *

Base : 2fort_SK v2.0

Editor(s) used : WorldCraft 1.5b
UltraEdit-32 4.40
Arghlite 2.0
FastVIS 1.0
EntEd 2.0 beta

Known Bugs : None. If you see any, please let us know. If you
are somewhere in the map and it's dark, that is
NOT a bug, we made it dark for a reason. If you
don't like the resupply areas: Sorry, we've
already decided we can't please everybody. The
new resupply has been designed around the
complaints about the Gren-O-Matic 2000.

Build Time : About 2 weeks
QBSP : 6 minutes
arghlight -extra : About 30 minutes
FastVIS -level 4 : About 30 minutes

* Other Info *
+Version 2.1+:
I'm SOOOO sorry to have to be releasing this AGAIN, but a couple of things
sorta came up. First of all, I found out the other day that Imaginos had
put a secret in the map without consulting me. Just so you know, in version
2.0, there was a shootable door when you came out of the water that hid a
megahealth and a red armor. The door only opened for friendly scouts.

Second, there were a few textures that we found we didn't like much, and we
decided that since there needed to be a rerelease anyway, we'd fix 'em. Also,
I remembered that some people didn't like the time/frag limits being set by
the map, so I took 'em out. Serverops are now required to set time and frag
limits for this map. (Or just let it run 24/7 with no end...don't matter to

Third, the "sandwich" rooms (the ones above the basement ceilings) now have,
in addition to the red armor and rockets, a 25 health box. This was requested
by Mushi-[LOL], and I'm sure he meant more than 25, but that's all I'm givin'
today. :) Mushi is one of the most inventive players I've seen, so I thought
if nothing else, I could stick a box there to say "thanks!". Thanks, Mushi :)
+Version 2.0+:
Okay, here's the new version. It will take a bit of getting used to, but the
gameplay on this map is great! Have a good time and enjoy the map. This is
the final update to this map that will be made. (Unless, of course, some
really NASTY bug showed up somewhere.)

How to use this map:

Unpack sk_forts.bsp to your quake\fortress\maps directory. Unpack gren1.bsp
in your quake\fortress\progs directory. If you want to run it on a LAN server
or just take a peek at it, load quake with -game fortress and type
MAP sk_forts in the console to load it.

If you want to play on a QW server running this map, copy the sk_forts.bsp
file into your quake\fortress\maps directory and copy gren1.bsp into your
quake\fortress\progs directory.

* WHERE TO GET THIS MAP * already have it, don't you?
Among other places...


Donate to TeamFortress Software:

Don't charge anybody for this map in any way.

Feel free to link this file for download on your website or FTP site, run it
on any public (or private) Quake or QuakeWorld server. If you run this map on
a public (especially QW) server, please email me and let me know, I'd like to
come play it. :)

You may NOT put this level on any commercial CD or diskette set without my
EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION. If I find out you've done it, I'll come hunt you
down and do very evil things to parts of your body you may have up until then
thought safe from harm.