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About this section:
These are programs that exist outside of the game that allow you to additional things such as viewing models and finding servers.
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File  AuthorDownloadsDateFile Size [more info] - QuakeME v2.3   Rene Post 3442 10/04/2002 214KB
This program can view animations and edit textures MDL files. [more info] - TFiguration v1.4 (core program)   Ryan Haney 2760 10/04/2002 1.7MB
If you're confused about Team Fortress bindings, this may help. Once you have installed the program, just run it and click on load. Then load in your normal quake .cfg file and you will see it appear in the little text box on the bottom of the program. You can then select all the commands and keys to bind to them in all the little pull-down boxes. I recommend backing up your existing CFGs. [more info] - QView v149   Mustata Bogdan 2680 10/04/2002 109KB
Qview is a small, easy and free viewer for anybody who wants to view models from games based on quake engine. [more info] - Quake Name Editor   ]Thrash3R[ 1812 10/04/2002 276KB
You may have seen how people have different colors in their name, or special characters. With this program, all you have to do is click on the characters you want, then copy and paste into the name area of your server browser. [more info] - TFiguration v2.1 (patch for version 1.4)   Ryan Haney 1693 10/04/2002 63KB
This is the patch for TFiguration v1.4. Just unzip into your existing folder for this program. You need v1.4 for this upgrade.