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File: Open Fire League
Downloads: 1384
Description: Open Fire League
Size: 742KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
**** This map is designed for the Team Fortress 1.5 Half-Life MOD ****

<<---------------------------------->> Installation <<----------------------------------->>

Very simple here. Just unzip '' into your tfc directory.

(make sure 'use folder names' is ticked in winzip)

All the files should automatically go into these places:

halflife/tfc/maps/ ...openfire_l.bsp

halflife/tfc/sound/stc/ ...red_up.wav

<<------------------------------------->> Credits <<------------------------------------->>

Title : Open Fire League
Filename :
Author : ORIGINAL AUTHOR UNKNOWN, League edition by Russian_Troops
Email Address : UNKNOWN, / [email protected]
Description : Team Fortress 1.5 Capture the Flag
Team Fortress homepage :
Additional credits : Author of Open Fire, Valve software for Half-life,
: TFC and the new Worldcraft;
: Zoner for his compile tools.

<<----------------------------->> Changes in Open Fire League <<------------------------------>>

- removed env_sound entities to fix bug that would apply sound reflection effects to all sounds in Half-Life after dying inside the openfire tunnel.

- added Security up/down text and spoken messages. (wav files borrowed from Shutdown)

- fixed bug where the red team's armour would take longer to respawn than the blue team's armour.

- added .res file indexing all resources required by the map (openfire.wad, sounds, texts etc) so they can be downloaded off any server.

- moved 2 of the 3 resupply packs in each respawn just above player height to minimise ammo hogging.

That is all (No architecture was changed)