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File: otto_hunt
Author: [Pizza]Monkey Boy
Downloads: 595
Description: otto_hunt
Size: 812KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:


1) Make sure you have Halflife version or higher,
i.e. one of those versions that include "Team Fortress 1.5"
(instead of "Team Fortress Classic"). To update your version
of Half-Life go to
or use Sierra's AutoUpdate feature.

2) put the text files and the .bsp and the .wpt file in your tfc\maps folder, put the .wad file in your tfc folder.

Base : New level from scratch, with altered prefabs.

Tools used : Worldcraft 3.3, Paint Shop Pro,
Pakscape, Wally,
Spriteviewer, Zoner's Compile Tools, and the Half Life Compilation Controller.

**** This map designed for the Team Fortress Classic Half-Life mod ****

Filename : (otto_hunt.bsp, otto.wad, otto_hunt.txt, otto_hunt_readme.txt, otto_hunt.wpt)
Author :[Pizza]Monkey Boy
Email Address : [email protected]
ICQ : 49808324
Website :,,
Description : Small Team Fortress Classic Hunted Map, for Bot, LAN, or small server play.
Number of Teams : 3
Recommended # of Players: 6-10

New Textures : yes
New Skins : No

To Neil Manke, for releasing his they hunger prefabs to the world.

Thanks to Cheesemonster for giving me a place to put my maps, and for being so cool!

Thanks to Ephargy for giving me a place to put my logos,

Thanks to Zimmer for hosting the greatest server on the planet, Who Flung Poo's House of TFC, Coming back stronger than ever in 2001!

Thanks to my girlfriend Emmie, for putting up with my mapping obsession.

This map was designed mainly for bot play so go to and get your bots today!

Another very excellent bot based on botmans code is the foxbot, get it here....

The Ottobar, the best little punk club in Baltimore