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File: Poopshoot
Author: poopfoot
Downloads: 613
Description: Poopshoot
Size: 503KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
by poopfoot ([email protected])
based on
Knightsnipe_1c ([email protected])
by Knightsnipe

Sniper-only fun festival. Take care, for
there are landmines on the hills and each
base is guarded by miniturrets.

There is no secret room.

Thanks to [email protected], who made the map
in the first place and made the source
available off the GirlPower website.


This is a Team Fortress Classic map, and should be unzipped (along with the poopshoot.txt
file) into the tfc/maps subdirectory wherever you have installed half-life.

I'd like to thank Knighthawk at GirlPower for creating Knightsnipe_1c and making the code
available via the GirlPower website,

If you play the map in single player mode, which I'm not sure why you would, the turrets
will not function at all. The mines, however, function just fine in all modes of play.

This map was started sometime after January 1st, 2002, and I somehow managed to get it all
wrapped up before January 18th 2002 which is apparently the GP1 TFC server's first birthday.

Happy Birthday GP1!

- poopfoot
January 18th, 2002