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File: PyroJump
Author: w00t!
Downloads: 642
Description: PyroJump
Size: 1.4MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
Title : PyroJump
Author : w00t!
Email Address : [email protected]
Homepage :
Description : First of its kind, pyro-jumping skills map.

* Play Information *

TFC : What's TFC?
Number of Teams : 1

* Construction *

Based on : Nothing.
Editor used : Hammer v3.4
Known Bugs : The wheels on the truck at the end keep spinning when its parked. This is
just a shortcoming of the HL engine. When I had to decide between wheels
that never spin, and wheels that always spin, I chose the latter.
Build Time : Well.. about 2 months but only in the night, on weekdays, on and off... etc

Compile machine : P3, 600 MHz, 192 MB RAM
QCSG Time : 0:48
QBSP Time : 0:22
QVIS Time (full) : 0:49
QRAD Time : 11:38
TOTAL TIME : Like I'm gonna do the math... :)

* Custom stuff *
Textures : pyrojump.wad (included in ZIP)
Skies : dfcliff*.tga
Sounds : Nope
Models : Nupe
Sprites : Never


- A big thanks to [WTF?]Deraj for the gorgeous polar sky, dfcliff.


- Pepsi. Nothing else is a Pepsi.

- Don't copy this or any of that without my permission, eh?
- Don't decompile the map. I'll put the RMF on the site, cuz I really don't care if people see it.
- If you want to use this on a server that I don't know about, just send me an email to the below address just so I know. I don't mind at all, but I'd like to know out of curiosity :)
- This message will self-destruct if you don't obey the above rules.

*- [email protected]

*- ©2002, w00t!