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File: QuadGod Lite
Author: Rize
Downloads: 556
Description: QuadGod Lite
Size: 983KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:
QuadGod Lite by David "Rize" Trammell

Turn of word wrap if this text file looks odd...

** LINUX server operators read the material in the LINUX folder that was included.

Feel free to post reviews of this map on your review site. Just drop me a
line with the URL so I can read it.


TITLE : QuadGod Lite
ZipFileNAME :
Files : qglite.bsp, qglite.txt, quadme.txt, qgliteme.txt
AUTHOR : David "Rize" Trammell
DATE : September 29, 1999
GAME : Half-Life
MOD : Team Fortress Classic
EMAIL ADDRESS : [email protected] (Do not send files without my
permission first. My box has limited space.)

Capture the Flag with a twist.

Not much of a twist anymore... Ok, there is only one capture point in the map.
It is on the hill in the center, you'll be looking at it while you pick your
team and class. Besides that, it is standard capture the flag for the most part.

Other things you should know...

* If a flag is dropped, it returns in 60 seconds.

* There are three detpackable locations in the map. They are fairly obvious...when you
come upon them. Just remember, plant your detpacks from above not below as all the three locations are horizontal NOT vertical is made of wood... Remember, they
will not be destroyed unless the detpack is planted on top...

* The grenade packs in the respawn rooms give you only 2 type 1 grenades and
1 type 2 grenade. They return in 30 seconds.

* All lasers are color coded. Blue lasers kill the red team and allow the blue team
safe passage while the red lasers work FOR red team, by killing the blue team.
Opposites kill.

* Purple lasers kill scouts of any team.

* The lasers for each team can be toggled on and off by activating the computer
in each teams basement. The computer screen will be on and so will a little light
when the lasers are active. The screen will be black and the light gone when they
are inactive.

* In the battlements/pillbox, there is a switch that can be operated for a quick
safe exit from that part of the base...make sure someone stays behind to close it for
you, it would be a shame if your enemies used it to get INTO your base easily...

* The alien room in the middle of the map has a quad damage hidden in the water. It that
lasts for 60 seconds and reappears 2 minutes after it was taken. You will see a green
glow in the water when the Quad Damage is present.


* 10 points for the normal flag.


TEAMS : Blue and Red. Standard fare.

Players : 10-20 This is a big map, so aim high...but all maps get crowded
when there are 32 people on them. It should still be good fun with
a smaller amount of people though.

New Textures : New texture were deemed costly and time consuming thus they were

Map Base : Scratch.

Prefabs : None. (Couldn't find any prefab pipes ;)

Editor : WorldCraft 2.1 (don't be fooled it is much better than 2.0)

Build Time : About a month and a half worth of serious editing and testing.
...then finding out the level is so horrible that it needed a
serious overhaul...that only took a few days though.

Other tools : Zoner's Half-Life compile tools V1.41 [thx to Zoner]

: Pak Explorer, MdlView2 and SprView for viewing the various
contents of the .PAK files.

: Strip empty for pushing back that damn *entity text too long*
error. [Thx Lobotomy Boy and Zoner]


Compiler : PIII 450 mhz.
256 megs of RAM.
Windows using the WC expert compiler.

HLCSG time : 91 seconds
HLBSP time : 31 seconds
HLVIS time : 149 seconds (full VIS)
HLRAD time : 1453 seconds (-bounce 7 -extra -smooth 80)


This is my first official release...although I have a Single Player set I've
been working on.

(In no particular order.)

AUTOLYCUS : For keeping up a great site with tons of great info that could
get even the most dense newbie started.

NAVYFIGHTER : For answering a million questions a day at the
forums (including a few of mine). Also, for *trying* to help
with the laser setup around the alien flag (even though that
part of the map was omitted from the Lite version). Check out
his great site, info_design (

Zoner : For the compile tools.

Lobotomy Boy : For strip empty and for actually fixing the laser setup for the
alien flag...and soon, for FRA! (Too bad it was omitted...)

ALSO : The creators of Wally and all the other great programs listed
above, you know who you are (too bad the custom texture were
also omitted...doh!)

Flint Man : For presiding over the beta tests at info_beta, an off shoot of
Navy Fighters info_design.

Beta Testers : Casserole, Flint_Man, Ace, Cassabier, Echo0 and everyone else
that I didn't mention...I have forgotten some of the testers names.
Also, Dyne and his friend at the DOE ( and
The Sureal Beta Testers (

QGLite update: Borg at the TF Collective and Moog at Mutilation. Your candid
reviews of the buggy full version have caused a LOT of changes
in this version.

TestMonkey! : For providing info_beta with a playtest server for both occasions
that my map was tested.

Valve : Everyone does this...and with good reason! Valve has gone far
above and beyond the worth of Half-Life by releasing the TFC mod.
Yeah, I know it's a marketing strategy and EVERYONE is going to
buy TF2...but it still shows you that the guys at Valve kick more
ass than your standard kick ass game developer.

Guys I forot : Sorry, so many people were helpful that I forget your names.
So, here's to the unamed info_beta playtesters and anyone else I
didn't mention.


If any one has any TFC editing question go to one of these great sites:

Also, for you all your Single Player ONLY reviewing needs, go to

If you'd like to ask me any questions feel free to e-mail:

[email protected]

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH
NO MODIFICATIONS. All of the other files in must also be included.
If you don't co-operate, then DON'T DISTRIBUTE IT IN ANY FORM.

This LEVEL may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems.
You are NOT authorized to put this LEVEL on any CD or distribute it in
any way without my written permission (which I should be happy to give if you
ask me for it).

Half-Life (C) 1998-99 Sierra On-line and Valve L.L.C. All rights reserved.