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File: Third World
Author: Fumigator
Downloads: 606
Description: Third World
Size: 1.6MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:

MAP: Third World
MAP TYPE: Team Fortress Classic (CTF)
AUTHOR: Randy "Fumigator" Whitaker
EMAIL: [email protected]
DATE: 20 Dec 1999
PLAYERS: 16-32, 4 teams


Third World is a 4 team "King of the Hill" variation for TFC.

Story line: You are a member of one of four countries trying to
steal secrets from the CIA. Your countrymen have obtained highly
classified intelligence, paid for in blood, and now you must work
together as a team to get that intel up to the roof of the CIA
headquarters to transmit the data back to your country. Sounds
easy, right? It would be, if three other countries weren't trying
to do the same thing!

Game play notes:

10 team points for securing transmitter.

2 points every 30 seconds the transmitter is held.

When the key is dropped, it will return to the parking garage
after 45 seconds.

When you are using the transmitter, the generator the key is on
produces an electrical field, preventing you from carrying your
key. This field turns off when you are no longer transmitting.


Here's what I'd like feedback on:

1. Point system.
2. Bottlenecks-- how easy or hard is it to monopolize?
3. Domination/balance-- how hard is it to keep the transmitter?
4. Layout-- does it suck?
5. Elevators-- do they suck? Do they slow the game down too much?
And should they return to the lobby after 30 seconds or so?
6. Texturing suggestions are always welcome.

There are r_speed issues in the lobby and in the ballroom. Oy. Let
me know how bad it is when there are lots of people playing.