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File: WaterWheel - RCTF
Author: [rogue]Doughnut
Downloads: 1483
Description: A map segregated such that the flags are in completely different arenas with no shared yard and hence no offensive player will see the opposing team's offensive players.
Size: 2.5MB
Date: 06/23/2004

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Additional Info:

WaterWheel - RCTF
Reverse Capture the Flag for TFC Play
Concept and Mapping by Doughnut
w/ Help & Special Thx to KEA|Scoper-sE-Xm-

Blue VS Red

10 Points for flag deliveries.

Incase you didn't notice a blue flagrunner
will never see a red flagrunner. I've segregated the map
into completely different arenas with no shared yard.

Additional Thx:
|RE|The_Bomb[NIX] & [eXeL]Thunder[NIX]
[SKS] IOD tmp
& Especially clan redeye for hosting even my crappier maps.

Map Author: [rogue]Doughnut
Contact: StarFoxMcCloud (AIM NAME)
Nov 2003