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File: wolteg_l - Push
Author: Trepid Mapping
Downloads: 1302
Description: Wolteg is a push map for TFC. You take the ball from the middle yard area into the enemy base on the cap point. There is a message sytem instead of the colored lights that most push maps have. This league version has lots of changes that were made based on the feedback from players of wolteg_r
Size: 2.4MB
Date: 06/30/2004

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Additional Info:

wolteg_l - Push

Created By: Trepid Mapping

Blue and Red Objectives:
- Take the ball to cap inside the enemy base
- 5 frags awarded to player that captures the ball
- 10 points awarded to team that captures the ball

Other Info:
- Dropped ball returns after 5 seconds

Revised version:
- There's a new passage to the capture point from the lower cave route
- All players now spawn with 2 primary and 2 secondary grenades

League version:
- Scouts spawn with an additional secondary grenade
- Added a grenade pack in the back of the outer spawn rooms
- There's a new path between the grass and pit routes
- Added a hole in the yard's middle mountain

We say league version because we took the comments
of league players and altered the revised version to
suit their needs. So a thanks goes out to the players
who helped us make wolteg that much better.