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File: ahhhish - Joust
Author: Trepid Mapping
Downloads: 1391
Description: The main goal of the map is for a Red and Blue player to try and kill one another in mid-air. All you do is run off of a ramp, and then try to hit your opponent.
Size: 829KB
Date: 08/14/2004

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Additional Info:

ahhhish - Joust

Created By: Trepid Mapping

Special Thanks: Kaleign

Blue and Red Objectives:
Try to kill your opponent while you're both in mid-air.
- You are given Quad Damage once you're launched from the ramp.

Yellow Objectives:
- Spectate

Other Info:
- There are 4 1v1 arenas.
- Only 1 person, per team, is allowed in each arena.
- Arenas 3 & 4 are "air-strafe free."
- Use the camera by the entrance to an arena to
see if the arena is clear for use.